Israeli troops push into Gaza City, with the Palestinian death toll during the offensive reportedly reaching 900 (1), (2). Israel is accused of using illegal white phosphorus munitions, while the Hamas leadership is accused of hiding in the basement of a hospital (3), (4). Numerous articles examine Hamas' performance in the conflict, its positions regarding a cease-fire, and political status (5), (6), (7), (8). Quartet envoy Tony Blair says elements of the cease-fire are in place, but the New York Times says that Egypt and Jordan fear being drawn into de facto responsibility for parts of the occupied Palestinian territories (9), (10). After two weeks of intense criticism, Egypt starts to defend its policies (11). Ha'aretz argues that Israel has overcome the stigma of its failed 2006 campaign in Lebanon (12). A commentary article by ATFP President Ziad Asali in the Daily Star urges an end to Israeli settlement activity (14). Roger Cohen of the New York Times complains that President-elect Obama's presumptive Middle East policy team apparently will include no Arab or Iranian Americans (15).

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