The White House says Speaker Boehner’s invitation for PM Netanyahu to come to Washington is a breach of diplomatic protocol. (AP/New York Times/AFP/Ha’aretz)

Sec. Kerry says Netanyahu is welcome to speak in the US “at any time.” (Ha’aretz)

Israel’s Foreign Ministry says its unaware of any planned visit by Pres. Putin next month, rebuffing reports in Palestinian media. (Times of Israel) 

Egypt releases 45 Palestinians from Gaza imprisoned after trying to flee to Europe. (Ma’an) 

Egypt prepares to ship humanitarian aid from the UAE to Gaza. (Ma’an)

Hamas military chief Deif sends a letter of condolence to Hezbollah leader Nasrallah. (Ma’an/Times of Israel/Ynet)

The UN is holding its first-ever meeting on anti-Semitism. (Ha’aretz)

A senior British official says the US-led coalition could take up to two years to expel ISIS from Iraq. (Reuters)

ISIS is turning the captured Iraqi city of Mosul into a fortress. (Reuters)

Iraq’s Kurds say ISIS has been pushed out of a large area of northern Iraq. (Washington Post)

Japan says it is considering all options to release the two hostages held by ISIS. (AP/New York Times)

Pres. Sisi calls on world leaders gathered at the World Economic Forum to unite against the global threat of terrorism. (Reuters)

Heavily armed Houthis remain stationed outside Yemen’s presidential palace, despite an agreement. (AP/Reuters/New York Times)

The New York Times profiles the Houthis. (New York Times)

Amnesty International says Saudi Arabia plans to once again delay the public flogging of rights activist Raif Badawi on medical grounds. (Reuters/Washington Post)

Mossad Chief Tamir Pardo denies reports he opposes new sanctions on Iran. (Ha’aretz/JTA/Jerusalem Post)


Barak Ravid looks at how Netanyahu’s trip to Washington was “cooked up behind Pres. Obama’s back.” (Ha’aretz)

Ron Kampeas looks at the different reactions to Boehner’s “surprise invitation.” (JTA)

Aaron David Miller looks at why Boehner invited Netanyahu without consulting the White House. (Daily Beast)

The Jerusalem Post interviews former Israeli chief negotiator and opposition leaderLivni. (Jerusalem Post)

George Hishmeh says if the US will not restrain Israel it cannot complain about Palestinian initiatives at the UN and ICC. (Gulf News)

Linda Gradstein asks if the EU can help solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (The Media Line)

Mohammed Othman looks at Gaza’s “brain drain.” (Al-Monitor)

Ari Shavit says Israel can no longer isolate itself from the Arab world. (Ha’aretz)

Alan Philps says, like it or not, Pres. Assad will be part of Syria’s future. (The National)

Michael Young says America’s Syria policy is bound to fail. (Daily Star)

Jayne Huckerby asks why the West ignores the role women play in extremist groups like ISIS. (New York Times)

Abdul Rahman Al Rashed looks at how the threat of extremism has become not just a Saudi, but a global problem. (Al Arabiya)

Joyce Karam says Obama’s State of the Union speech made his unwillingness to be drawn into Middle East conflicts very clear. (Al Arabiya)

Laurent Fabius, Philip Hammond, Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Federica Mogheriniexplain why negotiations with Iran were extended and why diplomacy should be given a chance. (Washington Post) 

Aaron David Miller says Obama’s push to build a “legacy relationship” with Iran is only going to end in “heartache.” (Foreign Policy)

Hussein Ibish says Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has provided a timely demonstration of real Islamophobia with his “no-go zones” fabrications. (NOW)


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