Pres. Obama tells PM Netanyahu he opposes the Palestinians move to join the ICC.(AP/New York Times/JTA/Ha’aretz)

Pres. Abbas visits Turkey and vows to present another resolution to the UNSC. (Jerusalem Post)

Chief Palestinian Negotiator Erekat says France will continue supporting Palestine. (Ma’an)

Three infants and a young fisherman die from exposure during a fierce storm in Gaza. (New York Times/PNN) 

Israel’s Central Bank says the country’s economy has still not recovered from the Gaza war. (Ha’aretz)

Spanish FM GarcĂ­a-Margallo arrives in Gaza. (Ma’an)

India donates $4 million to the PA. (Ma’an)

Israel shuts down three local Islamist groups, accusing them of stoking tensions at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. (Reuters/AFP)

Joan Peters, a journalist who wrote a notorious book claiming Palestinian history is fabricated, dies at 78. (New York Times)

France and Israel mourn the victims of the Paris terror attacks. (AP/New York Times/JTA/Times of Israel)

Former Pres. Carter says the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the causes of the Paris terror attacks. (JTA/Jerusalem Post)

Egypt’s Grand Mufti warns Charlie Hebdo against publishing a new caricature of the Prophet Mohammed. (Reuters)

Pres. Erdogan criticizes “Western hypocrisy” regarding the terror attacks in Paris. (AP/The National) 

The White House admits Obama or another high-level US representative should have joined the anti-terror rally in Paris. (AP)

Hackers supporting ISIS briefly take over the Twitter and YouTube accounts of the US Central Command. (AP/New York Times)

An Egyptian court overturns the only remaining conviction against former Pres. Mubarak. (Reuters/AP)

A Saudi judge sentences a prominent human rights lawyer jailed for dissent to an additional five years in prison. (Reuters)


Asher Schechter says Netanyahu’s Paris appearance was a public relations disaster. (Ha’aretz)

Yossi Verter looks at how Netanyahu “brought Likud to Paris.” (Ha’aretz)

Shimon Shiffer says Netanyahu’s behavior in Paris was “shameful.” (Ynet)

J.J. Goldberg says a secret Israeli report says the rift with Europe will grow. (Jewish Daily Forward)

Tahar Ben Jelloun says the government, imams, teachers and parents must do more for alienated French youths. (New York Times)

Abdelkader Benali says when everyone seems to mock your faith the pull of extremism is powerful. (New York Times)

Diana Moukalled says the Paris massacre cannot be excused. (Asharq al-Awsat)

Michael Wahid Hanna says Saudi Arabia’s and Egypt’s blasphemy laws are “hypocritical, cynical and dangerous.”(Foreign Policy)

Hassan Hassan says statistics claiming to show ISIS is in retreat do not reflect the reality of a resilient and entrenched organisation. (The National)

Hassan Barari says King Abdullah has made Jordan’s stand against terrorism clear. (Jordan Times)

The Washington Post says the US and NATO are looking the other way as Libya spirals downwards. (Washington Post)

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