Pres. Abbas asks the Arab League to provide a safety net of $100 million a month to cover tax revenues withheld by Israel. (AP)

Iraq donates $28 million to the PA. (Ma’an)

Israeli occupation forces open fire at two Palestinians in the West Bank, killing one. (Ma’an)

Hamas members reactivate their ”separate parliament” in Gaza. (Ma’an)

Pres. Rivlin reaffirms his commitment to West Bank settlements. (Times of Israel)

A delegation of Israeli citizens testifies before the UN Human Rights Council.  (Ha’aretz)

FM Lieberman’s party slogan calls for land swaps to remove Palestinian citizens of Israel. (JTA/Times of Israel).

Hamas says the new Charlie Hebdo cover is part of a plot with John Kerry by the “Zionist lobby.” (JTA)

PM Davutoglu compares PM Netanyahu to the Paris massacre terrorists. (Reuters/AFP/JTA/Ha’aretz)

Netanyahu compares France to pre-Inquisition Spain. (Times of Israel)

France’s cyber defense chief Coustilliere says 9,000 websites have been attacked since the Charlie Hebdo massacre. (AP)

Pres. Hollande says the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier will support military operations against ISIS in Iraq. (Reuters)

Syrian rebels and government forces begin observing a 10-day truce in Homs. (AP)

Sec. Kerry says he supports Syrian peace talks brokered by Russia. (New York Times)

facility to retrain Iraqi police officers to help in fighting jihadists can barely feed its men, let alone arm them. (Washington Post)

Canadian FM Baird says he held "constructive and fruitful" talks with his Egyptian counterpart over the three jailed Al-Jazeera journalists. (Reuters/AP) 

Kerry says he may meet FM Zarif again this week. (Reuters)

A Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian, who has been detained in Iran for months, has been indicted and will stand trial. (AP/New York Times)

The US releases five Yemenis from Guantanamo. (New York Times) 

The New York Times profiles Rashid al-Dhaheri, a six year old car racing prodigy from the UAE. (New York Times)


Abdul Rahman Al Rashed says neglecting a political solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will bring more disasters to the region. (Al Arabiya)

Ari Shavit says a diplomatic war between Israel and the Palestinians would have far-reaching consequences. (Ha’aretz)

Mazal Mualem looks at Labor party’ new electoral list.  (Al-Monitor)

Michael Young looks at Netanyahu’s “shameless hijacking” of the concerns of French Jews. (Daily Star)

Bernard Avishai says that, by urging French Jews to flee to Israel, Netanyahu is undermining the value of republican tolerance. (New York Times)

Israel Harel says there is no place for Jews in Europe. (Ha’aretz)

Hussein Ibish lists six reasons why no one should be offended or annoyed by Charlie Hebdo’s latest cover. (Now)

David Rothkopf says the Paris attacks signal an opportunity and an urgent reason to find a more effective way to combat terrorism by Muslim fanatics. (Foreign Policy)

Yasmine Bahraini says the response to the Paris attacks will further strain the relationship between Muslims and the West. (Washington Post)

Joyce Karam says missing the rally in Paris is the latest indication that the Obama administration's failure to use soft power has weakened America’s international influence. (Al Arabiya)

Nicholas Kristof says the international community must support moderates in the Islamic world who are pushing for change. (New York Times)

Prince Turki al-Faisal says ISIS should be called “Fahesh” for its obscenities. (Asharq al-Awsat)

The Daily Star says Iran and the US are showing the world they are committed to achieving an agreement. (Daily Star)

Afshin Molavi says Egypt’s econonic recovery has allowed it to rejoin the group of emerging markets. (Al Arabiya)

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