The Palestinian death toll in Gaza reaches 1389. (Ma’an/PNN/The National)

Three more Israeli soldiers are killed in Gaza. (Ynet)

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Pillay says Israel and Hamas are committing war crimes. (AP/Ha’aretz/Jerusalem Post)

PM Netanyahu says he will not accept any ceasefire until all tunnels are destroyed. (Reuters/AP/New York Times/JTA/Ha’aretz)

Pres. Abbas declares Gaza a “humanitarian disaster zone.” (Ynet)

The Palestinian delegation led by Abbas will arrive in Cairo today. (Ynet/Jerusalem Post)

Israeli shelling killls at least 15 Palestinians sheltering in a UN-run school and another 17 near a street market. (Reuters/AP/JTA)

An International outcry erupts after Israel attacks a market and a UN school. (The National)

UNSG Ban says all available evidence suggests that Israeli artillery hit the UN school. (New York Times/Washington Post/AFP)

Pres. Obama takes a tougher line on Gaza casualties. (AP/Times of Israel)

PM Cameron expresses concern over civilian casualties while calling for an immediate cease-fire. (Ha’aretz)

Sec. Hagel expresses concern over the rising Gaza death toll. (Times of Israel)

The PA will reportedly accede to the Rome Statute of the ICC. (Times of Israel)

Palestinian militants launch 10 rockets toward Sderot from Gaza. (Ma’an/Ynet)

Israel mobilizes 16,000 additional reservists. (AFP/Ynet/Times of Israel)

Hamas calls for a “Day of Rage” on Friday in the occupied West Bank. (Daily Star)

Hamas airs a video of a cross-border tunnel raid on the Israeli army. (Washington Post)

Experts say Netanyahu’s quest for demilitarizing Gaza can only get him so far. (New York Times)

Some Arab leaders view Hamas as worse than Israel. (New York Times)

Five Latin American countries pull out their ambassadors from Israel. (JTA)

The US resupplies Israel with munitions. (Reuters/AFP)

Former Palestinian soccer player Ahed Zaqout is killed by an Israeli bomb. (Ha’aretz/Reuters)

Israeli troops use dogs and robots to track tunnels in Gaza. (Reuters)

Anti-Semitic incidents in Britain have risen to a near record level since the start of the Israeli assault on Gaza. (Reuters)

A Hezbollah commander is killed in Iraq. (Reuters)

Iraqis are angry and sad as IS militants destroy national relics. (New York Times)

Libyan militias fighting for the control of Tripoli's airport agree to a temporary ceasefire. (Reuters)


Aaron David Miller says the Gaza conflict is the “poster child” for America and Europe’s inability to ‘fix’ the Middle East. (Ha’aretz)

Ari Shavit says Hamas is “bursting” Israel’s bubble. (Ha’aretz)

Gershon Baskin says there is no military solution for the problem of Gaza or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (Jerusalem Post)

J.J. Goldberg says Israel’s right and Hamas are blocking a ceasefire. (Jewish Daily Forward)

Joyce Karam says Israel seems to be acting with little to no restraint in the Middle East. (Al Arabiya)

Linda Gradstein says it is not clear if Hamas is stronger or weaker today. (The Media Line)

Alan Elsner says American Jews should look beyond the fighting to a better future for both  Israelis and for the long-suffering population of Gaza. (Ha’aretz)

Gershom Gorenberg looks at Netanyahu’s hostility towards Sec. Kerry. (Ha’aretz)

Yossi Mekelberg says Israel’s “propaganda machine” is backfiring. (Al Arabiya)

Michael Young says Obama’s foreign policy reflects America’s lack of interest in the world. (The National)

Michael Young says Iran and Saudi Arabia appear to be aiming to contain any Sunni-Shiite confrontation in Lebanon. (Daily Star)

Hassan Hassan asks if Pres. Assad takes over Aleppo does that mean the Syrian war is over. (Foreign Policy)

Abdallah Schleifer says jihadists are threatening Egypt and Libya. (Al Arabiya)

Karim Mezran says the international community should not abandon Libya. (New York Times)

July 28th


The Palestinian death toll in Gaza reaches more than 1000. (Times of Israel)

Israel eases its assaults in Gaza and Palestinian rocket fire declines. (Reuters/New York Times)

Israel strikes three targets in Gaza, killing two Palestinians. (AP/Ma’an/Ha’aretz))

The Security Council agrees on a statement calling for "an immediate and unconditionalhumanitarian cease-fire." (AP/Reuters/Washington Post/AFP/JTA)

Pres. Obama tells Netanyahu he wants an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. (AP/Washington Post/JTA/Times of Israel)

Sec. Kerry is finding it hard to secure a truce in Gaza. (New York Times)

PM Netanyahu says Israel must not compromise security for the sake of public relations. (AP)

Kerry’s ceasefire proposal is leaked to the media. (JTA/Times of Israel)

Hamas says Israel has reached only a fraction of its tunnels. (Jerusalem Post)

Israel confirms firing a mortar into a UN school being used as a shelter, but denies killing anyone there. (New York Times/AFP)

The Israeli military says the bloodiest battle in Shujaiyeh could have been “much worse.” (Ha’aretz)

Hamas sees the hostilities with Israel as a fight for its existence. (New York Times)

Hamas leader Meshaal demands that Israel end its occupation. (AP/Ma’an/Jerusalem Post)

A Pentagon official Lt Gen Flynn says destroying Hamas is not the answer. (The National)

Palestinian official Shtayyeh says Israeli aggression will not bring peace to the region. (AP)

Palestinian citizens of Israel are caught in the middle of the Gaza war. (AP/Times of Israel)

Egypt’s army destroys 13 more tunnels connecting Sinai to Gaza. (AFP/The National)

Palestinians in Gaza see no joy in the Eid holiday. (Reuters/Ma’an)

Pres. Assad makes a rare appearance, praying in public. (AP/Daily Star)

Iraqi police find the corpses of 15 people, including three women, shot in the head. (Reuters)

France will facilitate asylum for Iraq’s Christians. (Reuters)


ATFP Board Member Saliba Sarsar and ATFP Youth Outreach Coordinator Tala Haikal say Gaza, Syria, and Iraq are pained by that same disease of extremism and conflict. (Huffington Post)

Hussein Ibish interrogates the relationship between intention and predictable effect in the deaths of civilians. (The National)

The Daily Star says a ceasefire in Gaza is not enough. (Daily Star)

Raghida Dergham says, with Hamas’s help,  Israel is killing the peace process. (Al Arabiya)

Jeffrey Goldberg asks why Israel is “losing a war it’s winning.” (The Atlantic)

Sharif Abdel Kouddous explains how Gaza’s residents surveyed the damage during a recent lull in fighting. (Foreign Policy)

The CSM says despair is so great among Israelis and Palestinians that despair itself needs to be addressed. (Christian Science Monitor)

Samir Atallah says Kerry is facing a political dilemma in the Middle East. (Asharq al-Awsat)

Avi Issacharoff says Kerry’s mistakes are strengthening Hamas’ resolve. (Times of Israel)

David Horovitz says Kerry’s ceasefire proposal empowers Hamas. (Times of Israel)

Nahum Barnea says tensions between the US and Israel are benefiting Hamas. (Ynet)

Amos Harel says Netanyahu is facing a moral dilemma with Hamas between deterrence or a decisive victory. (Ha’aretz)

J.J. Goldberg explains how the Gaza tunnels work. (Jewish Daily Forward)

Amira Hass says Israel’s moral defeat will haunt the country for many years. (Ha’aretz)

David Grossman says Israelis must choose peace with the Palestinians. (New York Times)

Rami Khouri says people should look to the roots of the Gaza conflict. (Daily Star)

Sharif Nashashibi says the scale of contemporary tragedies in the Arab world is unprecedented. (The National)

Amer Al Sabaileh says those who believe in the concept of a civic state in the Arab world are under threat. (Jordan Times)

Rafe Al-Essawi and Atheel al-Nujaifi say Iraq’s Sunnis can defeat IS. (New York Times)

July 25th


Sec. Kerry proposes a two-stage plan to halt the fighting in Gaza. (New York Times/Washington Post/JTA/Ha’aretz)

Israel’s Security Cabinet convenes to discuss Kerry’s proposal. (Jerusalem Post/Times of Israel)

The Palestinian death toll reaches 800. (Reuters/AFP)

The Israeli army says one of its soldiers has been killed, bringing the total number to 33. (Ma’an/Ha’aretz/Jerusalem Post)

Two Palestinians are killed in the occupied West Bank amid protests against the Gaza war. (Washington Post/Ma’an/PNN/Ha’aretz)

Palestinians clash with Israeli police at the Al Aqsa Mosque. (Ma’an)

Israel kills a senior Islamic Jihad militant and his two sons. (AP/New York Times)

Palestinian militants from Gaza resume rocket fire into Israel. (Ynet)

Pres. Abbas says he hopes a ceasefire can be agreed in Gaza. (AFP)

King Abdullah of Jordan reaffirms Jordan’s stand with the Palestinian people. (Jordan Times) 

FM Davutoglu flies to Qatar to help efforts for a cease-fire. (AFP) 

The World Health Organization calls for a humanitarian corridor to be set up in Gaza. (Reuters) 

Gaza will face a “daunting” reconstruction after a ceasefire. (Reuters)

Israelis rally behind their army in the Gaza war. (Reuters)

Palestinians in Gaza are reportedly blaming Israel, not Hamas, for the war. (Ha’aretz)

Palestinians in the occupied West Bank hail the Hamas fight against Israel. (New York Times)

Egypt is reportedly taking a hard line over its border with Gaza. (AP)

poll indicates young Americans are unsupportive of Israel’s Gaza war. (JTA/Ha’aretz)

Pres. Obama says the FAA decision on flights to Israel was based on purely safety considerations. (JTA)

German airlines cancel more flights to Tel Aviv. (AP)

Jordan shoots down an “aerial target” near the Syrian border. (AP)

The growing power of IS in Syria is testing the Syrian army’s strategy. (Reuters)

Ayatollah al-Sistani urges political leaders to refrain from clinging to their posts. (Reuters)


The New York Times says the carnage in Gaza must be stopped. (New York Times)

The Jordan Times says the war in Gaza must be ended. (Jordan Times)

Amir Taheri says Gaza is a “half-finished war.” (Asharq al-Awsat)

Ahmad Majdoubeh says the tide is turning against Israel thanks to its own “reckless and criminal actions.” (Jordan Times)

H.A. Hellyer says Pres. Sisi is pondering his next move in the Gaza crisis. (The National)

Abdallah Schleifer says Egyptian commentators have been cruel to the people of Gaza. (Al Arabiya)

Yoel Marcus is impressed with PM Netanyahu’s handling of the war. (Ha’aretz)

The Daily Star says Moscow has been silent as Israel carries out its military offensive against Gaza. (Daily Star)

Gavi Barnhard and Adam Rasgon contrast demonstration on the Gaza war in the West and the Arab world. (WINEP)

Daniel Byman says Israel has no choice but to rely on deterrence. (Foreign Policy) 

S. Daniel Abraham says Israel must “demilitarize Hamas.” (Ha’aretz)

Bakir Oweida says from Gaza to Mosul the killing of innocent civilians continues. (Asharq al-Awsat)

David Ignatius says there are reasons for hope in the Middle East. (Washington Post)

July 24th


Gaza fighting continues amid ceasefire efforts. (AP/Ha’aretz)

The Palestinian death toll in Gaza reaches 734. (Ma’an/PNN)

Israeli troops arrest 150 Palestinians in southern Gaza. (JTA/Times of Israel)

Israeli occupation forces detain 10 Palestinians in Nablus and Hebron. (Ma’an)

The Al-Qassam Brigades claim to have killed eight Israeli soldiers in an attack in Gaza. (Ma’an)

The Israeli military says five rockets fired from Gaza were intercepted over Tel Aviv. (Ma’an/JTA/Ynet)

The Egyptian army thwarts two attacks against Israel. (Jerusalem Post)

Hamas says progress has been made in negotiations to end the Gaza conflict. (AFP)

Sec. Kerry is pressing Turkey and Qatar to secure Hamas’s agreement for a ceasefire. (Ha’aretz)

Jordan proposes a ceasefire resolution at the UNSC. (Jordan Times)

The UN Human Rights Council votes to establish an inquiry into human rights violations in Gaza. (New York Times/Times of Israel/The National)

Israel calls for the rejection of the UN Human Rights Council inquiry.(JTA/Ynet)

Israel is reviving the debate about whether Hamas uses civilian shields. (New York Times)

The FAA lifts its ban on US flights in and out of Israel. (AP/Reuters/New York Times)

European carriers suspend more Tel Aviv-bound flights. (AP)

The Obama administration asks Congress to fast-track Israel’s request for an additional $225 million for the Iron Dome anti-missile system. (JTA)

The majority of Israelis back the destruction of all Gazan tunnels. (The Media Line)

Foreign correspondents in Israel complain of intimidation against journalists who are reporting on the fighting in Gaza. (New York Times)

France announces an 11-million-euro aid package to Gaza. (AFP)

Brazil recalls its ambassador in Tel Aviv to protest the “disproportionate use of force by Israel" in Gaza. (Ha’aretz)

The Iraqi parliament elects senior Kurdish politician Fouad Masoum as president. (Washington Post/Reuters/The National)

The OPCW says all toxic chemicals removed from Syria have been delivered to destruction facilities outside the country.  (Reuters)

IS attacks parts of a besieged army base in northern Syria. (AP)

IS orders female genital mutilation in Iraq. (Reuters)


Michael Young says from a political perspective, Hamas has gained more from the Gaza war than Israel. (Daily Star)

Roger Cohen says the peoples of the Holy Land are “condemned” to each other. (New York Times)

Gershon Baskin says the only way that Hamas can be defeated is when the Palestinian people will decide to get rid of them. (Jerusalem Post)

Yasmeen Serhan says anti-Semitism has no place in Palestine advocacy. (972)

Khaled Diab says peaceful resistance will deliver the greatest dividend in Palestine. (The National)

Ha’aretz says one of the harsh consequences of “Operation Protective Edge” is the damage this war is causing to relations between Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel. (Ha’aretz)l

Nahum Barnea says, after removing the tunnel threat, Israel should take its forces out of Gaza but maintain military freedom of action. (Ynet)

Shlomi Eldar says no organization could be more dangerous to Israel than Hamas. (Al-Monitor)

The Washington Post says the US should push for disarming Hamas in Gaza. (Washington Post)

Stephen Games asks if the BBC can really report from Gaza. (Ha’aretz)

Michael Young says the decline of Christianity in Iraq and the Arab world has been a reality for some time, with no sign of stopping. (The National)

The New York Times says minorities in Iraq need to be able to return to their communities and live in peace. (New York Times)

Madeleine Albright and David Miliband say the international community could be on the cusp of a humanitarian breakthrough in Syria. (Foreign Policy)

Jeffrey Goldberg says the Muslim world seems more interested in Arabs who are killed by Jews than in Arabs killed by Arabs. (The Atlantic)

Joyce Karam says Congress is attempting to track Hezbollah’s sophisticated web of funding. (Al Arabiya)

Eyad Abu Shakra looks at the impact of regional developments on Lebanon’s political scene.  (Asharq al-Awsat)

July 22nd


The Palestinian death toll in Gaza rises to over 600. (Reuters/AP/Ma’an/PNN/Ha’aretz)

Israel pounds more than 70 targets across Gaza despite international peace efforts. (Reuters/AP)

An Israeli soldier is missing following a deadly battle in Gaza. (AP/Reuters/New York Times/Washington Post/Ma’an/Ha’aretz)

Two Israeli soldiers are killed in Gaza raising the number of troops killed to 27. (AFP/JTA)

The UN says Palestinian civilians in Gaza have no place to hide from Israel's military offensive andchildren are paying the heaviest price. (Reuters/AFP/The National)

UNSG Ban arrives in Israel and will meet with PM Netanyahu and Pres. Abbas. (Ha’aretz)

Sec. Kerry begins a diplomatic push to secure a cease-fire. (Reuters/Washington Post)

FM Shukri raises the possibility of restarting stalled peace talks. (AP/Ynet)

Hamas reaffirms its conditions to accept a ceasefire. (PNN)

Israeli Chief Negotiator Livni says there is no real option for a ceasefire now. (Jerusalem Post)

A US intelligence officer reportedly claims Hamas has many more tunnels than Israel says. (Jerusalem Post)

An Israeli shoots a Palestinian man in the occupied West Bank. (AFP)

Palestinian citizens of Israel clash with Israeli police. (AFP/JTA/Times of Israel)

Senior Hamas officials are facing criticism inside and outside of Gaza for enjoying a comfortable life while Palestinians in Gaza suffer. (Ynet)

Anti-Arab sentiments in Israel show no signs of abating. (The National)

The State Department will send $47 million in humanitarian aid to Gaza. (AP/JTA)

The US advises Americans to put off travel to Israel and the occupied West Bank. (New York Times/JTA)

Israel’s Gaza offensive is setting off protests all across Europe. (New York Times)

Germany, France and Italy condemn the rise in anti-Semitic protests and violence over the conflict in Gaza. (Washington Post)

Turkey announces a three day period of national mourning in a show of solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza. (AP)

IS’s reportedly march on Baghdad may no longer be unrealistic bravado. (Reuters)

Yemen’s Al-Qaeda seeks to set up an “emirate” in the east. (Reuters)


David Ignatius says Israel should encourage what the Palestinians say they want. (Washington Post)

Akiva Eldar says “Operation Protective Edge” continues the cycle of violence between Israel and Palestinians. (Al-Monitor)

Michael Oren says Gaza needs to be demilitarized. (Los Angeles Times)

Michael Herzog says Israel's current ground operation does not aim to destroy Hamas. (Foreign Policy)

Asmaa al-Ghoul says fleeing Palestinian civilians became targets in the Shajaiya neighborhood. (Al-Monitor)

Mira Awad says she will try to be a bridge to togetherness in Israel. (Ha’aretz)

J.J. Goldberg says, as the death toll rises in Gaza, so will pressure on Israel. (Jewish Daily Forward)

Abdullah Erakat says Palestinians in Gaza are paying a heavy price for Hamas’ ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. (The Media Line)

Khairallah Khairallah asks who is Hamas fighting for. (Al Arabiya)

Abdallah Schleifer says Pres. Sisi can save Palestinian lives. (Al Arabiya)

Hassan Barari says, given changing Arab politics, Hamas is in no position to turn to Egypt for respite. (Jordan Times)

Steven Cook says Egypt cannot be a mediator between Israel and Palestinians. (Foreign Policy)

Tariq Alhomayed says today everyone is convinced the Middle East can expect nothing from the US. (Asharq al-Awsat)

The Daily Star says IS is eradicating a civilization. (Daily Star)

Faisal Al Yafai says Iraq’s obsession with King Faisal II reflects its hunger for a lost era. (The National)

Saad Salloum asks if Iraqi Blacks will ever win justice. (New York Times)

July 21st


UNSG Ban and Sec. Kerry are heading to Cairo to push for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.(AP/AFP/Times of Israel/The National)

The Palestinian death toll rises to 500. (Washington Post/PNN/AFP)

Israeli forces kill over 50 Palestinians in Gaza. (Ma’an)

Israeli airstrikes target a hospital in Gaza, killing four. (Daily Star)

Hamas’ armed wing says it has captured an Israeli soldier. (Reuters/Ma’an/PNN/The National)

Israel kills 10 Palestinian militants entering from Gaza. (Reuters/New York Times/JTA)

The Iron Dome intercepts rockets over the Tel Aviv region. (Jerusalem Post/Ynet)

PM Netanyahu says there is “very strong” international support for Israel’s offensive in Gaza. (AFP/Ha’aretz)

Israeli cabinet ministers say the Israeli military may have to reconquer all or part of Gaza to ensure security. (Jerusalem Post)

The UNSC holds an emergency meeting on Gaza. (AP/The National)

Kerry is overheard expressing what appears to be pointed concern over the deaths of civilians in Gaza. (Reuters/New York Times/AFP)

Yesterday was the deadliest day for both Palestinians and Israelis in Gaza. (New York Times/Washington Post/Ma’an)

Safe havens where Palestinian civilians in Gaza can seek refuge are rare. (New York Times/The National)

In hospitals across Gaza there are scenes of chaos and grief. (New York Times)

Two American citizens are among the Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza. (AP/JTA)

Former Israeli Amb. to the US Oren says Israel would prefer Egyptian to American mediation. (Times of Israel)

Hezbollah leader Nasrallah vows to support the “resistance” in Gaza. (Jerusalem Post)

Jordanians stage a pro-Gaza rally near the Israeli embassy. (Reuters/Jordan Times)

The French government condemns what it calls anti-Semitic violence at a rally. (Reuters/Times of Israel)

Palestinian-American teenager Tariq Abu Kheir, who was beaten by Israeli police, talks about his experience. (AP/Times of Israel)

FM Lieberman urges Israelis to boycott the businesses of striking Palestinian citizens of Israel. (Ha’aretz)

Overnight attacks in two Iraqi cities kill 16. (AP)

Iraqi Christians flee Mosul after IS issues them an ultimatum. (AP/Washington Post/The National)

The head of the Iraqi Catholic Church says IS militants are worse than Mongol leader Genghis Khan. (Reuters)

PM Maliki condemns IS’s targeting of Christians. (AP)


Hussein Ibish says neither Israel nor Hamas can win in Gaza, but the biggest loser could be the PA. (Foreign Policy)

Hussein Ibish says the Gaza crisis reveals regional splits. (The National)

Ben Birnbaum and Amir Tibon explain how Kerry’s peace initiative crumbled. (New Republic)

The Daily Star says Israel’s policy of “slaughtering innocent Palestinians” is generating higher levels of anger and outrage around the world. (Daily Star)

Amer Al Sabaileh says the events in Gaza are inextricably linked to the dynamic regional shifts.  (Jordan Times)

H.A. Hellyer asks if Egypt’s ceasefire proposal will gain traction. (Al Arabiya)

Colum Lynch says Palestinians are turning to the UNSC for help. (Foreign Policy)

Jackson Diehl says the crisis in Gaza is not making Pres. Abbas weaker or Hamas stronger. (Washington Post)

Ben Caspit says Israeli Cabinet members are blaming the US for a failed ceasefire. (Al-Monitor)

David Horovitz says Hamas is drawing Israel ever deeper into Gaza. (Times of Israel)

Rami Khouri says Israel’s chronic use of force is failing. (Daily Star)

Gideon Levy asks what Hamas really wants. (Ha’aretz)

Nathan Brown addresses five myths about Hamas. (Washington Post)

Nafeez Ahmed says Netanyahu’s goal is to end Palestinian sovereignty. (Al Arabiya)

The National says Palestinians in Gaza must use media in their “war for freedom.” (The National)

Brian Lurie says Israel’s human rights community must stand up for human rights even under fire. (Ha’aretz)

Taylor Luck says IS finds that politics is much harder than power grabs. (The National)

The Jordan Times says this is no time to remain silent in the face of IS’s atrocious attack on the few thousand Christians still remaining in Iraq. (Jordan Times)

Antoine Safer and Zuhair Al-Harthi debate whether Gulf states could participate in the Iranian nuclear talks. (Asharq al-Awsat)

July 16th

The Palestinian death toll in Gaza passes 200 and 1520 injured. (Ma’an/PNN)
Israel says a Palestinian attack caused the first Israeli fatality in the eight-day-old military confrontation. (New York Times/Washington Post/Times of Israel)
Israel urges the evacuation of 100,000 Palestinians in Gaza threatening a ground operation. (Reuters/AP/Washington Post/AFP/JTA/Times of Israel/The National)
Israel intercepts rockets over Tel Aviv. (New York Times/Jerusalem Post/Ynet)
Israel’s vow to strengthen attacks against Hamas in Gaza puts the US in a tough position. (Washington Post)
PM Netanyahu warns that Hamas will “ pay the price” for rejecting the Egyptian ceasefire proposal. (AP/AFP)
Pres. Sisi reportedly talked to Netanyahu before proposing a cease-fire. (Ha’aretz)
Pres. Abbas will reportedly offer PA forces along the Gaza-Egypt crossing as part of a  ceasefire. (Times of Israel)
France says the EU could set up observer missions at border crossings between Gaza and Israel. (AFP)
Hamas and Islamic Jihad have reportedly submitted a list of ten demands to Egypt to establish a 10-year truce with Israel. (Ma’an/Times of Israel/Jerusalem Post)
Hamas would like to see greater involvement by Turkey and Qatar in mediating a ceasefire with Israel. (Times of Israel)
Israel targets the house of a Hamas leader Zahar. (Reuters/Ha’aretz) 
The US has blocked the transfer of Qatari funds earmarked for the salaries of civil servants hired by Hamas in Gaza. (Times of Israel)
Many Palestinians in Gaza reportedly desire a ceasefire that would change life in Gaza. (New York Times)
UNRWA says Gaza destruction is “immense.” (Ma’an/Reuters)
Israel takes over Al Aqsa TV and airs slogans against Hamas and the al-Qassam Brigades. (Ma’an)
Hamas leaders are getting richer while Gaza plunges into poverty. (Ynet)
A US Senate panel approves a 50 percent funding boost for Israel's Iron Dome anti-missile system. (AFP)
Young Israelis fight a hashtag battle. (New York Times)
A Palestinian baker in Gaza keeps making Ramadan treats despite Israeli airstrikes. (The National)
The Iraqi army withdraws from the militant-held city of Tikrit after their new offensive met heavy resistance. (Reuters)
Pres. Assad is sworn in for his third term. (AP/The National)
A Libyan militia tightens its control of the Tripoli airport. (Reuters)
Hussein Ibish asks if Netanyahu “closed the door” on peace with the Palestinians. (Now)
Zack Beauchamp interviews Hussein Ibish. (Vox)
Ibrahim Sharqieh says Israel cannot win this or any future conflicts by bombing Gaza without addressing the root causes. (Los Angeles Times)
Thomas Friedman says the Israeli-Arab conflict has become a miniature of the divide between the “world of order” and the “world of disorder.” (New York Times)
Ron Kampeas says the Gaza conflict is sidelining Abbas but the US is not giving up on him. (JTA)
Avi Issacharoff says Hamas believes time is on its side. (Times of Israel)
The National says any ceasefire between Israel and Gaza is welcome, but is not a solution. (The National)
The Daily Star says a simple ceasefire is no solution for Hamas. (Daily Star)
Ha’aretz urges Netanyahu to strive for a ceasefire. (Ha’aretz)
Katie Glueck says the current Middle East crisis is straining former Sec. Clinton’s legacy. (Politico)
The Jordan Times says the international community must not allow the slaughter of more Palestinians. (Jordan Times)
Yossi Verter says Netanyahu is the “tragic hero” of the Gaza war. (Ha’aretz)
Abdullah Erakat says the Gaza economy has been hit hard by the latest fighting with Israel. (The Media Line)
Diana Moukalled says today Arab media and society have never appeared so confused regarding their stance on what’s going on in Gaza. (Al Arabiya)
Ben Caspit says the rule of Hamas is based on hate toward Israel rather than rebuilding Gaza. (Al-Monitor)
Yossi Mekelberg says the Israeli status quo approach is up in “flames.” (Al Arabiya)
Eman Mohammed says the ones who write the rules of war are the ones who never experience it. (Jewish Daily Forward)
Rami Khouri says the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must be analyzed as a battle between Zionist power and Palestinian liberation. (Daily Star)
Stephen Blackwell says as the nuclear talks deadline nears, Iran has much to lose. (The National)


Israel finds the bodies of three murdered Israeli teenagers. (AP/New

York Times/Washington Post/Ma’an/Ha’aretz/The National)

Israel launches airstrikes on Gaza, injuring four Palestinians.(Reuters/Ma’an/JTA/Ynet)

Israel vows to punish Hamas after the three kidnapped Israeli teenagers are found dead. (AFP/Ha’aretz)

Israeli occupation forces kill a Palestinian teenager for allegedly being a “Hamas operative.” (AP/Ma’an/PNN)

Hamas warns any Israeli attack will open the “gates of hell.” (AFP/Times of Israel)

Pres. Abbas asks world leaders to help restrain Israel. (Times of Israel)

Members of Congress call on Abbas to dissolve the new Palestinian
. (Times of Israel)

Pres. Obama condemns the murder of the three Israeli teenagers. (Ha’aretz/Ynet)

DM Ya’alon proposes a new settlement in memory of the murdered teenagers. (Ha’aretz)

Israel approves the construction of 60 new settlement units in the
occupied West Bank. (PNN/Ha’aretz/Jerusalem Post)

B’Tselem calls on Israel to refrain from acts of vengeance. (Ma’an)

The European Jewish Congress calls on the EU to cut ties with the PA.
(Jerusalem Post)

Iraq’s new parliament convenes to name a unity government.
(Reuters/AP/New York Times/The National)

The acting speaker of Iraq's newly elected parliament Mehdi al-Hafidh
tells lawmakers the stability and security need to be restored.


Iranian Deputy FM Hossein Amir-Abdollahian says Iran could provide
arms to Iraq.

The US is sending another 300 troops to Iraq. (AP/The National)

ISIS attack a Shi’ite shrine in Samarra, killing six. (New York Times)

Iraqi politician Ahmad Chalabi is being considered as a potential
Iraqi leader. 
(New York Times)

The UN says more than 2400 Iraqis have been killed in the month of
. (Reuters)

ISIS captures a Syrian town Boukamal near the Iraqi border. (AP)

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia appoints Prince Khaled bin Bandar as
head of intelligence
. (Reuters/The National)

PM Erdogan says he is running for president. (AP)


Ha’aretz says Israel’s Gaza offensives show that military operations
have limited impact. (Ha’aretz)

Ron Ben-Yishai says Israel must crush Hamas, but it must do it wisely. (Ynet)

Adnan Abu Amer says Hamas leaders in Gaza are trying to avoid an
Israeli attack. (Al-Monitor)

Sharif Nashashibi says Israel used the abduction of the three Israeli
teenagers to “cripple” the new Palestinian government. (The National)

Akiva Eldar says Israel’s ties to the EU are still complicated by
settlement policies. (Al-Monitor)

The National says ISIS’s declaration of an “Islamic caliphate” needs
an unprecedented response. (The National)

Abdul Rahman Al Rashed says Sunni Iraqis are divided between reason
and fanaticism. (Al Arabiya)

Leslie Gelb says the only viable political future for Iraq is a
federation. (New York Times)

Hassan Barari asks if Iraq is doomed. (Jordan Times)

Jamal Khashoggi asks if ISIS will grow. (Al Arabiya)

Aaron Zelin says ISIS’s announcement of an “Islamic caliphate” will
accelerate the backlash against it in Iraq. (Foreign Policy)

David Rothkopf says if ISIS attacks Jordan, neither the US nor Israel
will be able to stay out. (Foreign Policy)

Diana Moukalled looks at the lure of a jihadist culture that drives
youth to leave their previous lives. (Asharq al-Awsat)

The Jordan Times says Syrian refugees in Jordan must respect Jordanian
law. (Jordan Times)

John Kerry says an Iranian nuclear deal is still possible, but time is
running out. (Washington Post)


Palestinian teenager is killed by Israelis in a possible revenge attack. (Reuters/New York Times/AFP/Ha’aretz)

Palestinians clash with Israeli occupation forces in Jerusalem after body of Palestinian teenager isfound. (AP/Washington Post/Ma’an/JTA/Ynet/Jerusalem Post/Times of Israel/The National)

Pres. Abbas demands PM Netanyahu to condemn the killing of a Palestinian teenager. (Ma’an/Ha’aretz/Ynet)

Netanyahu condemns the “despicable murder” of a Palestinian teenager. (AFP/Jerusalem Post)

Israel demolishes the home of a Palestinian man charged with killing an Israeli police officer. (Reuters/Ma’an/Ha’aretz)

Israeli occupation forces detain 40 Palestinians in overnight raids across the West Bank. (Ma’an)

Israelis unite over the murder of the three teengaers. (New York Times)

The UNSC condemns the murder of the three Israeli teenagers. (JTA)

The US says it has “strong evidence” that Hamas is culpable in the murder of the three Israeli teenagers. (Jerusalem Post)

An Israeli facebook campaign calls for vengeance against Arabs. (Times of Israel)

Hamas says it is not interested in a confrontation with Israel. (Ma’an/The Media Line)

Jewish “price tag” extremists torch a Palestinian farm in the occupied West Bank. (Ma’an)

A Pew poll indicates support for Hamas and Hezbollah is collapsing in the region. (Times of Israel)  

PM Maliki says ISIS’s declaration of an Islamic state poses a threat to the entire region. (AP)

Gen. Dempsey says the US is assessing whether Iraqi forces can hold together. (AP)

Iraqi Amb. to the US Faily says Iraq cannot wait for American aid. (AP)

Iraqi soldiers blame officers for withdrawing. (New York Times)

Maliki says he hopes to overcome the challenges blocking the formation of a new Iraqi government. (Reuters)

Saudi Arabia donates $500 million to help displaced Iraqis. (New York Times)

A young Chechen in Syria has become one of the most prominent commanders in ISIS in Syria. (AP)

Syrian chemical weapons are moved onto a US ship for destruction. (AP/Reuters/New York Times)

Amnesty International criticizes Lebanon for denying access to Palestinians fleeing the conflict in Syria. (The National)

King Abdullah of Jordan and Pres. Sisi discuss ways to develop the relations between Jordan and Egypt over the phone. (Jordan Times)


The National condemns the murder of the three Israeli teenagers. (The National)

The Jordan Times says absence of peace between Israelis and Palestinians breeds hatred and violence. (Jordan Times)

The Los Angeles Times says Israelis and Palestinians must find reasons to negotiate rather than seeking excuses to walk away. (Los Angeles Times)

Aaron David Miller asks if the murder of the three Israeli teenagers will bring “armageddon” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (Foreign Policy)

The CSM says for Israelis and Palestinians to avoid revenge attacks, they need to agree on ways to accommodate each side’s demand for justice. (Christian Science Monitor)

Shaul Arieli says the Israeli-Palestinian “show” always ends the same way. (Ha’aretz)

Gabriel Sassoon says Israel must rethink its “punishment policy.” (Times of Israel)

Ha’aretz says Israel must bolster Abbas, not weaken him. (Ha’aretz)

Hassan Hassan says ISIS’s rapid rise illustrates how far jihadism has evolved. (The National)

Khaled Diab says the problem with ISIS “caliphate” is that it is ahistorical. (New York Times)

Azeem Ibrahim asks how real is ISIS’s statehood bid in the Middle East. (Al Arabiya)

Philip Dermer says Iraqi Sunni’s who battled Al-Qaeda have been abandoned by the Americans. (Wall Street Journal)

Osama Al Sharif looks at the winners and the losers in the Middle East. (Jordan Times)

Rami Khouri says the principle of survival defines the Middle East. (Daily Star)

Ali Ibrahim looks at the June 30 protests in Egypt. (Asharq al-Awsat)

David Andrew Weinberg says Qatar may be retreating. (Al Arabiya)


Sec. Kerry and the White House condemn the “heinous murder” of a Palestinian teenager in the occupied West Bank. (AP/Washington Post/AFP/Ynet)

The Palestinians accuse Israeli extremists of killing the teenager. (AP/Times of Israel)

The UNSC condemns the murder of the teenager. (Times of Israel)

The family of the murdered teenager criticizes Israeli police for their inaction. (Ma’an/TImes of Israel)

The EU is “extremely concerned” about the potential for more violence in Israel and Palestine. (AFP)

Israel begins massing troops near Gaza. (AP/New York Times/Washington Post/Ha’aretz)

Israel bombs Gaza, injuring 11 Palestinians, after militants launch rocket attacks. (Washington Post)

Former US Special Envoy Indyk says trust between Israeli and Palestinian leaders has completely dissolved. (Foreign Policy)

Israeli Chief Negotiator Livni condemns incitement on Facebook. (New York Times)

Israeli occupation forces detain 13 Palestinians in the West Bank. (Ma’an)

Islamic Jihad says settlers are a “legitimate target.” (Ma’an)

1000 Israelis rally against anti-Arab racism and violence in Jerusalem. (Ha’aretz/Times of Israel)

Algeria’s world cup team will donate their team salary of about $9 million to the people of Gaza. (Ha’aretz/Jerusalem Post)

PM Maliki says solving political difference is not as important as fighting ISIS. (New York Times)

Saudi Arabia reportedly deploys 30,000 soldiers on its border with Iraq. (Reuters/The National)

The Al-Nusra Front withdraws from two towns in eastern Syria. (Reuters)

ISIS takes more towns in Syria. (AP)

Officials in the Obama administration are reportedly debating the future of Pres. Assad. (Daily Beast)

The UN warns the refugee crisis from Syria's civil war could pose a serious threat to Lebanon's security and destabilize the entire region . (AP)

A suspected Islamist militant dies while handling a bomb near Cairo. (AP)

Quartet Envoy Blair denies agreeing to advise Pres. Sisi on economic reforms. (Ha’aretz)


Noam Chomsky says the BDS movement can backfire on Palestinians and their allies. (The Nation)

Roger Cohen says in the absence of peace revenge will win out over law.  (New York Times)

Ali Jarbawi asks how peace can be achieved if Israel opposes both the two-state solution and a one-state outcome. (New York Times)

Ari Shavit says PM Netanyahu and Pres. Abbas acted as a mature and responsible team to contain the explosive situation. (Ha’aretz)

Ha’aretz says Israel must investigate the death of the Palestinian teenager “swiftly, efficiently and transparently.” (Ha’aretz)

Lazar Berman says Israel must embrace the family of the murdered Palestinian teenager. (Times of Israel)

Geoffrey Aronson asks if the PA can survive Israel’s attack on Hamas. (Al-Monitor)

Gershon Baskin says Israel needs to help the people of Gaza replace Hamas by providing them with hope and a better future. (Jerusalem Post)

Michael Young asks if this is the start of regional collapse in the Middle East. (The National)

The Jordan Times says Iraqis must choose a new prime minister to replace Maliki. (Jordan Times)

Joyce Karam says ISIS’s leader al-Baghdadi is no Osama bin Laden. (Al Arabiya)

Abdul Rahman Al Rashed says not all Islamic extremists are “enthusiastic” about ISIS. (Al Arabiya)

Eyad Abu Shakra looks at the political implications of ISIS’s “caliphate.” (Asharq al-Awsat)

Ephraim Sneh says ISIS should be catalyst for a new Middle East alliance. (Al-Monitor)

Dennis Ross says ISIS poses a threat beyond Iraq. (USA Today)

Dov Zakheim says the Obama administration should immediately announce that it will not tolerate any threat to Jordan. (Foreign Policy)

Amr Mahmoud el-Shobaki outlines three challenges for Sisi. (Al Arabiya)

Abdelkader Cheref says opposition groups in Algeria are calling for a “wholesale change.” (The National)

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