Daily News Issue Date: 
July 28, 2014


The Palestinian death toll in Gaza reaches more than 1000. (Times of Israel)

Israel eases its assaults in Gaza and Palestinian rocket fire declines. (Reuters/New York Times)

Israel strikes three targets in Gaza, killing two Palestinians. (AP/Ma’an/Ha’aretz))

The Security Council agrees on a statement calling for "an immediate and unconditionalhumanitarian cease-fire." (AP/Reuters/Washington Post/AFP/JTA)

Pres. Obama tells Netanyahu he wants an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. (AP/Washington Post/JTA/Times of Israel)

Sec. Kerry is finding it hard to secure a truce in Gaza. (New York Times)

PM Netanyahu says Israel must not compromise security for the sake of public relations. (AP)

Kerry’s ceasefire proposal is leaked to the media. (JTA/Times of Israel)

Hamas says Israel has reached only a fraction of its tunnels. (Jerusalem Post)

Israel confirms firing a mortar into a UN school being used as a shelter, but denies killing anyone there. (New York Times/AFP)

The Israeli military says the bloodiest battle in Shujaiyeh could have been “much worse.” (Ha’aretz)

Hamas sees the hostilities with Israel as a fight for its existence. (New York Times)

Hamas leader Meshaal demands that Israel end its occupation. (AP/Ma’an/Jerusalem Post)

A Pentagon official Lt Gen Flynn says destroying Hamas is not the answer. (The National)

Palestinian official Shtayyeh says Israeli aggression will not bring peace to the region. (AP)

Palestinian citizens of Israel are caught in the middle of the Gaza war. (AP/Times of Israel)

Egypt’s army destroys 13 more tunnels connecting Sinai to Gaza. (AFP/The National)

Palestinians in Gaza see no joy in the Eid holiday. (Reuters/Ma’an)

Pres. Assad makes a rare appearance, praying in public. (AP/Daily Star)

Iraqi police find the corpses of 15 people, including three women, shot in the head. (Reuters)

France will facilitate asylum for Iraq’s Christians. (Reuters)


ATFP Board Member Saliba Sarsar and ATFP Youth Outreach Coordinator Tala Haikal say Gaza, Syria, and Iraq are pained by that same disease of extremism and conflict. (Huffington Post)

Hussein Ibish interrogates the relationship between intention and predictable effect in the deaths of civilians. (The National)

The Daily Star says a ceasefire in Gaza is not enough. (Daily Star)

Raghida Dergham says, with Hamas’s help,  Israel is killing the peace process. (Al Arabiya)

Jeffrey Goldberg asks why Israel is “losing a war it’s winning.” (The Atlantic)

Sharif Abdel Kouddous explains how Gaza’s residents surveyed the damage during a recent lull in fighting. (Foreign Policy)

The CSM says despair is so great among Israelis and Palestinians that despair itself needs to be addressed. (Christian Science Monitor)

Samir Atallah says Kerry is facing a political dilemma in the Middle East. (Asharq al-Awsat)

Avi Issacharoff says Kerry’s mistakes are strengthening Hamas’ resolve. (Times of Israel)

David Horovitz says Kerry’s ceasefire proposal empowers Hamas. (Times of Israel)

Nahum Barnea says tensions between the US and Israel are benefiting Hamas. (Ynet)

Amos Harel says Netanyahu is facing a moral dilemma with Hamas between deterrence or a decisive victory. (Ha’aretz)

J.J. Goldberg explains how the Gaza tunnels work. (Jewish Daily Forward)

Amira Hass says Israel’s moral defeat will haunt the country for many years. (Ha’aretz)

David Grossman says Israelis must choose peace with the Palestinians. (New York Times)

Rami Khouri says people should look to the roots of the Gaza conflict. (Daily Star)

Sharif Nashashibi says the scale of contemporary tragedies in the Arab world is unprecedented. (The National)

Amer Al Sabaileh says those who believe in the concept of a civic state in the Arab world are under threat. (Jordan Times)

Rafe Al-Essawi and Atheel al-Nujaifi say Iraq’s Sunnis can defeat IS. (New York Times)

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