The EU is reportedly trying to establish with Israel its “red lines” regarding the occupation. (Ha’aretz)
Sec. Kerry says current relations between Israel and the Palestinians are "unsustainable." (Reuters/Jerusalem Post)
The UN is trying to solve the salary crisis in Gaza. (Ma’an)
UNSG Ban says an independent board will look at abuses against the UN during the last Gaza war. (JTA/AP)
Intelligence and Strategic Affairs Minister Steinitz says Israeli withdrawal from the occupied West Bank would be “suicide.” (Ha’aretz)
A Palestinian Minister says Gaza reconstruction will begin in November. (Ma’an)
Pres. Abbas is strengthening the law against Palestinians selling property in the occupied territories to Israelis. (Times of Israel))
Many Palestinians in the occupied West Bank are fearful of new settler attacks on theirolive groves. (Washington Post)
Israeli forces detain five Palestinian fishermen off the coast of Gaza. (Ma’an/Times of Israel/Jerusalem Post)
Jordan is attempting to prevent the ratification of a resolution in the Knesset to divide the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound between Muslims and Jews. (Ma’an/Ha’aretz/Times of Israel/Jordan Times)
Controversies surrounds the medical treatment of Hamas leader Haniyeh's daughter in Israel. (AP)
The Israeli military says two soldiers have been wounded by gunfire by unknown attackers from Egypt. (AP/Ma’an/JTA/Ha’aretz)
ISIS extremists seize US air dropped weapons intended for Kurds. (AP)
Pres. Erdogan says the American weapons airdrop in Kobani was wrong. (Reuters)
The Syrian air force claims to have destroyed two jets seized by ISIS. (AP/Reuters)
The Iraqi army clashes with ISIS extremists west of Baghdad. (Reuters)
Sunni tribes in Abu Ghraib vow to keep ISIS out. (AP)
An American official says the US may expand the training role of its military advisors in Iraq. (Reuters)
The Vicar of Baghdad White says nothing short of US ground troops will halt ISIS. (The Media Line)
Iraqi students return to school. (AP)
The FBI says three teenage girls from Denver may have been trying to join ISIS in Syria. (AP/New York Times)
Tunisians are the biggest group of foreign fighters in ISIS. (New York Times)
Sweden says 150 people have left the country to join ISIS. (AP)
The UN says ISIS may be “attempting genocide” against Yazidis. (Reuters/New York Times/The National)
Treasury Under Secretary David Cohen is leading the financial battle against ISIS. (New York Times)
Saudi court sentences 13 suspected members of an al-Qaeda cell for plotting to attack American soldiers in Kuwait and Qatar. (Reuters)
Yossi Mekelberg says international donors must rebuild Gaza. (Al Arabiya)
Chris Doyle says the real fear for children in Gaza is that their rights are just a dream. (Al Arabiya)
Lior Amichai says there can be no two-state solution without a compromise on Jerusalem. (Ha’aretz)
Salman Mashalha says the west is also implicated in Israel’s occupation. (Ha’aretz)
Aaron David Miller says its wrong to blame ISIS’ rise on the US failure to secure a two-state solution. (Foreign Policy)
J.J. Goldberg looks at recent US-Israeli tensions. (Jewish Daily Forward)
Ben Caspit asks if Hezbollah is preparing a “large assault” against Israel. (Al-Monitor)
Rami Khouri looks at the underlying problems in the Arab world that caused the rise of ISIS. (Daily Star)
The Jordan Times says, for Jordan, the struggle against extremism is existential. (Jordan Times)
David Schenker says there's a disturbing degree of support in Jordan for ISIS. (New Republic)
The National says the Muslim Brotherhood has a deliberately “shrouded” history. (The National)
Mustafa Akyol says Turkey’s stance toward Syria’s Kurds needs a correction. (New York Times)
Caleb Lauer looks at Turkey’s “timid response” towards ISIS. (The National)
Osama Al Sharif says Iran is emerging as a regional superpower. (Jordan Times)

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