NEWS: Two Palestinian teenagers are injured by Israeli gunfire at another protest in the occupied West Bank. (New York Times) Dozens are injured in additional protests. (Ma'an) A rocket fired from Gaza lands in southern Israel for the first time since last year's truce. (Reuters) Israel seals Gaza border crossings in response to the rocket attack. (Ma'an) Israeli officials say Iran has set up a camp of missile experts in Gaza. (Ha'aretz) Israel and some other observers fear the death of a Palestinian prisoner in custody and other pressures may lead to another intifada. (Reuters/CSM) The dead prisoner is buried by Palestinians with honors, as both sides appear to be trying to prevent further unrest. (Washington Post) The PA says an autopsy shows the prisoner died following extensive torture in Israeli detention. (Ma'an) The UN calls for an independent inquiry into the prisoner's death. (AFP) Pres. Abbas orders Palestinian security to maintain order despite provocations, and says Israel wants to provoke chaos. (Ha'aretz/Ma'an) Palestinian prisoners end their hunger strike over the death of their fellow detainee. (Xinhua) Israeli authorities order hunger striking Palestinian prisoners hospitalized after 28 days. (Ha'aretz) Israel bans Palestinian construction near the West Bank separation barrier for "security reasons." (Xinhua) UN officials declare the two-state solution to be on "life support." (Ha'aretz) Sec. Kerry says Pres. Obama plans to "listen" to Israeli and Palestinian leaders during his upcoming trip, not present a US peace plan. (Reuters) With the help of the UN, Palestinians establish their first national disaster loss database. (UN)

COMMENTARY: The National says peaceful Palestinian protests could prove a potent challenge to Israel's unsustainable occupation. (The National) Bradley Burston says just as Lincoln abolished slavery, Israel must abolish the occupation. (Ha'aretz) Palestinian filmmaker Emad Burnat recounts his difficult journey from Palestine to Hollywood for the recent Academy Awards. (Huffington Post) The Jerusalem Post argues Palestinians should be more upset about journalists in Palestinian detention rather than Palestinians in Israeli detention. (Jerusalem Post) Philip Stephens says PM Netanyahu's apparent eagerness for a conflict with Iran spurs the impression he is more interested in war than peace. (Gulf News) Ali Hashem says Israel and Hezbollah prefer a shadow war of assassinations and terrorism to any direct confrontation across the border. (Al Monitor) Omar Barghouti explains his understanding of the BDS movement. (New York Daily News) Brent Sasley says Sen. Marco Rubio needs a lesson in peace process history. (Daily Beast/Open Zion)

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