NEWS: Sec. Kerry is making his first trip to Europe and the Middle East, but will not visit Israel. Tzipi Livni will reportedly serve as Justice Minister in the next Netanyahu cabinet, and may be put in charge of negotiations with Palestinians. Palestinian prisoners stage a one-day hunger strike in solidarity with more long-term hunger strikers Residents of a Palestinian village accuse Israeli occupation authorities of systematic harassment.Israel informs the PA of new facilities for the transfer of commercial goods into Gaza. Israel releases part of its internal report into the death of "Prisoner X." The Palestinian co-director of the Oscar-nominated film "5 Broken Cameras" is reportedly detained at Los Angeles Airport on his way to the Academy Awards. Egypt is reportedly brokering talks between Hamas and Israel on humanitarian issues. Pres. Abbas meets Pres. Al-Hadi in a visit to Yemen. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee appoints Arne Christenson as managing director for policy and politics.

COMMENTARY: Nahum Barnea says Livni had no choice but to join the Netanyahu coalition. Yossi Verter says as long as Netanyahu is Prime Minister, Livni will have to deal with the Palestinians his way. Ben Caspit says, as long as there is a conflict, Israeli military censorship is a necessary evil. Amira Hass says Israeli military law treats Palestinians living under occupation as guilty until proven innocent. Ha'aretz says the arrest of 14 Palestinians who had been released as part of the Shalit deal is draconian. Gil Troy says people should stop using the terms "pro-" and "anti-" Israel so casually. Ahmed Othman says Pres. Obama is avoiding the Palestinian issue, in part because the Palestinians are so divided. Hazem Saghieh says those who talk about "the road to Palestine" being through some other Arab agenda are cynical exploiters of the issue. Rami Khouri says Obama and Kerry should listen carefully to the Arabs, especially on Palestine. Issandr El Amrani looks at Egypt's dilemma over Gaza.

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