NEWS: Palestinian protests against high prices continue. Palestinian taxi drivers clog roads as part of the protests. PM Fayyad says he is ready to resign if need be. Hamas says it will pursue Salafists in Gaza from “street to street.” Seven more Palestinians are killed in Syrian government shelling of the Yarmouk refugee camp. A Palestinian man is assaulted in Jerusalem in another suspected hate attack. House Intelligence Committee Chair Rogers confirms the US-Israel dispute over Iran policy. DM Barak says Israel reserves the right to take action on its own against Iran. A new poll suggests that most Jewish Israelis are optimistic about the future but Palestinian citizens are concerned. Pres. Morsy meets with Pres. Abbas. An Israeli oil company is asking the PA for permission to drill in the occupied territories. PM Netanyahu and US Amb. Shapiro reportedly had a harsh exchange of views on Iran last month. COMMENTARY: Hussein Ibish argues that the new Israeli campaign on Jewish refugees and migrants to Israel from the Arab world is cynical and unhelpful. Ahmad Majdoubeh says if there is a "Palestinian Spring" at hand, it's because of the divisions between Fatah and Hamas. Dominique Moisi says Palestinian and Jewish citizens have found a way to work together in medicine. George Hishmeh says the United States should work to build a nuclear-free Middle East. Ithamar Handelman-Smith says all of Israeli society is responsible for the attempted lynching of a Palestinian in Jerusalem. Khaled Diab says the plight of Bedouin children represents the threat Israel's occupation poses to all Palestinian students. Yoaz Hendel says the United States is naturally placing its own interests ahead of its friendship with Israel. Stuart Eizenstat and Lester Crown both say Pres. Obama has demonstrated his commitment to Israel's security "in countless ways." Eshkol Nevo says Jewish Israeli "price tag" violence is not just a disgrace, it's a national security threat. Chris McGreal says the DNC reversal on Jerusalem demonstrates what a low priority Middle East peace talks now are for the United States. Yossi Verter says Barak now opposes an attack against Iran. Eyal Chowers says the 1937 Peel Commission report still has much relevance for Israel and the Palestinians. Henry Siegman says Israel has destroyed the two-state solution and only serious Palestinian masures can revive it.

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