NEWS: An Israeli court rules in favor of settlers in a dispute over a house in occupied Hebron. PM Netanyahu denies he is trying to meddle in US electoral politics. Israelis in Tel Aviv seem unconcerned by the threat of missiles. Palestinian negotiators mourn the death of Amb. Stevens, describing him as a good and fair man. The Israeli military persists in repeatedly destroying a Bedouin village in the Negev. A small group of protesters in Gaza hold their own demonstration against an anti-Muslim film. Israeli Bedouins may join the protest movement as well. Palestinians and Israelis are taking foreigners on “dual narrative” tours of the "holy land." Palestinian families in occupied East Jerusalem decry the lack of proper schooling facilities. COMMENTARY: Eric Lewis says, for all his talk about American exceptionalism, Mitt Romney seems willing to allow Netanyahu to dictate a conflict with Iran. Charles Krauthammer says Pres. Obama has abandoned Israel. The Forward says Netanyahu has come perilously close to making Israel a US election issue. Rachel Shabi says Israel should understand the power of words, as well as weapons, in the new Middle East. JJ Goldberg draws three lessons from the controversy over Jerusalem in the DNC platform. Avi Issacharoff says West Bank protests this week demonstrated that Netanyahu's concept of “economic peace” is hollow. Ashraf al-Ajrami says, even amid protests, Palestinians must remain united. Khaled Abu Toameh says the protests were an attempt by elements within Fatah to get rid of PM Fayyad. Xinhua says 19 years after the signing of the Oslo Accords, peace between Israel and the Palestinians seems no closer. Jon Donnison says, one year after the failed UN bid, Palestinians have all but disappeared from the world stage.

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