NEWS: Israelis debate their regional strategy. Israel now has to take Egyptian public opinion into consideration. Palestinians seek greater access to occupied East Jerusalem. Eight Israelis are wounded by a Palestinian man in Tel Aviv. Palestinian leaders condemned the attack. Palestinians believe they are making progress with the EU on a UN initiative. The end of Ramadan in Gaza is marked by economic woes. DM Barak says militants in Gaza are planning more attacks on Israel. The EU says Middle East unrest is producing new opportunities for peace. Egyptians debate how to restore security in Sinai. COMMENTARY: Francis Boyle says a UN initiative will not endanger Palestinian rights. Jeremy Bowen says Israel is facing an uncertain regional landscape. Gary Wexler says Israel can't improve its image without policy changes. Maik Baumgärtner and Lisa Bjurwald say it is ironic that Israeli hard-liners are aligning with European neo-Nazis. Nermeen Murad says the past should not haunt Jordanians and Palestinians citizens of Jordan. MK Tibi says Congressional visitors are not shown the realities in Israel and Palestine. Thalif Deen says Palestinians under occupation are being denied access to sufficient water.

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