NEWS: A Palestinian TV satire program rankles its targets. The Israeli government is set to approve thousands of new settler homes around occupied East Jerusalem. Palestinian officials say the US response is “insufficient.” Lebanon and Qatar may be key support at the UN for the Palestinians. Some settler leaders try to join the Israeli social justice protests. DM Barak warns that Israeli sanctions could lead to the collapse of the PA. PM Netanyahu reportedly rules out any apology to Turkey. The Israeli military is also preparing for tensions with Syria. Palestinian officials make detailed plans to prevent violent confrontations during possible mass rallies in September. COMMENTARY: Gideon Levy says Netanyahu understands nothing about public relations. Farid Abdel-Nour says a Palestinian statehood initiative can breathe new life into the two-state solution. Sima Kadmon says the Israeli government privileges settlers, even in "unauthorized" outposts. Dov Weisglass says the idea of abrogating the Oslo agreements is foolish. George Hishmeh asks when Pres. Obama will stand up to Netanyahu. The Daily Star says Palestinians need to overcome both internal and external obstacles to statehood. Daoud Kuttab looks at options for the future of Jerusalem. Kieron Monks says Palestinian youth are frustrated and volatile. The Jordan Times says Netanyahu is resorting to weak excuses. Dov Waxman says Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel can use the cost of living protests to forge a better future together.

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