NEWS: The US Supreme Court will rule on how to refer to Jerusalem in US passports. Palestinians in Israel become galvanized against “honor killings.” The UN report into last year’s flotilla incident is again delayed. Two Palestinians are executed by Hamas in Gaza for collaboration with Israel. The PA says it’s not reconsidering its boycott against settlement goods. Analysts think Israeli-Turkish rapprochement would be mutually beneficial. Former Israeli officials insist the 1967 borders are defensible. Christians United for Israel meets in Washington. The Israeli far right-wing does not express much sympathy for Norway. The Arab League is holding an emergency meeting on the Palestinian financial crisis. COMMENTARY: Salman Masalha says there is no real left-wing tendency among Palestinian citizens of Israel. Akiva Eldar says Israel’s threat to abrogate the Oslo agreements harms only itself. Gershon Baskin says Israel and the Palestinians should jointly craft a UN resolution. The Jordan Times says Israel is colonizing the West Bank with "impunity." Nidal Almughrabi says Gazans are disappointed with the Egyptian Revolution. Liel Liebowitz looks at the sad condition of the Israeli left. Hussein Ibish describes his recent debate with an extremist Israeli settler.

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