NEWS: PM Netanyahu is interviewed by Al Arabiya. Settlers burn Palestinian fields near Nablus. The PA reduces the price of bread. Israel’s government is split over an apology to Turkey for last year’s flotilla incident. The PA says it will take more action to support Palestinian prisoners. Occupation authorities want to claim more West Bank territory as Israeli “state land.” Pres. Abbas says the PLO’s aim in a possible UN initiative is to get on equal diplomatic footing with Israel. Abbas is seeking more support in Turkey. The Economist looks at the future of settlers in a Palestinian state. Jewish Americans continue to overwhelmingly support Pres. Obama according to a new poll. COMMENTARY: ATFP President Ziad Asali says all parties stand to lose from a confrontation at the UN in September. Jackson Diehl says Palestinians need to decide what they want. Bradley Burston looks at the growing divisions on the Israeli right. Nahum Barnea says Israel’s election season has begun. JJ Goldberg says he agrees with Hussein Ibish that demographic forces are involved in Israel’s shift to the right. Hassan Haidar asks whether the Syrian regime has recognized Palestine or actually is recognizing Israel. George Hishmeh says Pres. Obama needs to do some serious housecleaning on foreign policy. Samah Jaber says Israel demands Palestinian nonviolence but objects to all forms of it. Naomi Chazan says Israel’s boycott law is discrediting and undemocratic.

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