NEWS: Israel accuses foreign countries of “meddling” in its internal affairs. Hamas is showing signs of adjusting its positions and alignments in the wake of the Arab uprisings, and has agreed in principle to join the PLO. Israel and the PA are competing for tourist dollars. Hamas denies that Khalid Mashaal criticized Yousif al-Qaradawi's statements on Syria. The PA is planning a major desalinization plant for the Dead Sea. Israeli extremists say former PM Sharon's stroke was caused by the unilateral redeployment in Gaza. The State Department says statements at the UN aren't advancing the cause of peace. Israel issues a statement supporting resumed US aid to the PA. PM Netanyahu's office says it is “shocked” to find Pres. Abbas meeting in Turkey with some former Palestinian prisoners. American Charities for Palestine delivers $10,000 to support the work of the Four Homes of Mercy in Palestine. COMMENTARY: Amir Oren says Netanyahu is failing in his stated mission to “save Israel.” Natasha Mozgovaya looks at the political dynamics in the Jewish Reform movement. The Media Line says Palestinian patients are being treated by Israeli doctors, breaking down suspicions. Maura Judkis looks at the controversy over a pro-Palestinian art exhibit in Switzerland and Artinfo interviews Larissa Sansour, the artist in question. Jonathan Schanzer looks at how Hamas is responding to regional pressures. Barak Ravid says Netanyahu's links to Republican candidates and the US Christian far-right are intensifying. Roula Khalaf says everything about Egypt's foreign policy, including its relations with Israel, has been thrown into question. Ahmad Tibi says the world is beginning to understand the Palestinian need for statehood.

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