NEWS: Israeli police say some Jerusalem election results should be canceled after Jewish extremists prevented women from voting. US aid to the PA will continue provided it does not press for further recognition at the UN. Palestinian factions say they are reaching a “last chance” at reconciliation. Iceland becomes the first Western European state to recognize Palestine. Israel is unifying its “special forces” under a single uniform command. AP looks at Israel's long history of failing to rein in Jewish extremists. Hamas introduces plastic money into the Gaza economy. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor says Palestinians “have to prove they deserve a state.” One third of all Israeli occupation forces are now deployed to combat Jewish extremist settlers. DM Barak will meet with Pres. Obama Friday morning. COMMENTARY: Yoel Marcus says Israel's extreme right is a primary threat to peace. Uri Saguy says terrorists, including Jewish ones, should be shot. PM Netanyahu’s senior adviser Ron Dermer writes letter to the New York Times saying the prime minister will not write for them. Nathan Guttman says by sending Barak to the US, Israel is showing its “friendly face.” Liam Hoare says it's inexcusable that Israeli nationalists would find common cause with European Islamophobes. Ahmad Majdoubeh says the Arab League needs to come out of hibernation on the issue of Palestine. The Arab News is skeptical Israel will really crack down on extremist settlers. Lara Friedman says Israel is finally waking up to settler extremism. Dilshod Achilov is interviewed on the future of Hamas' relationship with Syria and Iran.

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