April 2nd

The Dallas Morning News says Israel's behavior is unworthy of a US friend. Israel launches air strikes on Gaza. Fatah officials call for more nonviolent protests against the occupation. Israelis consider another major offensive in Gaza. Christians converge on Jerusalem for Good Friday. Israel unveils a new tank defense system. A senior Fatah official is released on bail. A new survey suggests Jewish settlers are becoming more extreme. PM Fayyad predicts Palestinians will establish their state in 2011. A Likud MK says "Hussein Obama will not evict us from Hebron." Ari Shavit says Netanyahu the politician shames Netanyahu the statesman. Former US diplomats meet with Hamas. PA security forces conduct drill in Jenin. Israel says it is planning new gestures towards the Palestinians in response to US demands. Another Israeli journalist faces charges over reporting on Israeli assassinations. Hussein Ibish says a Jewish Israel requires Arab Palestine.

April 1st

Gary Bass looks at the gradual deterioration of Israeli-French relations. Israeli officials refuse to comment on an American proposal for a 4 months settlement freeze in occupied East Jerusalem. Palestinians say settlers have established yet another outpost. Palestinian Christians are barred from Jerusalem. Israel ends an investigation into the death of a Palestinian. Palestinians accuse Israel of planning to encircle Jerusalem with settlements. Gaza militants say they are preparing for an Israeli attack. Palestinians and Europeans form a committee to aid West Bank projects. Hamas organizes a rally to celebrate Pres. Mubarak's reported recovery. Ahmed Tibi says Land Day is about justice. Ephraim Sneh examines the complexity of Israel's present situation. PA officials arrive in the US for security consultations. A YNet commentary says Iran should be attacked with tactical nuclear weapons and the occupied territories annexed with no political rights for the Palestinians. Settlers plan a new outpost near the first plan Palestinian in the occupied territories. Daoud Kuttab says leaders must be held to their commitments. George Hishmeh says PM Netanyahu's days in office may be numbered. Michael Young critiques the idea that Lebanese and Palestinians can rely on armed struggle.

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