A Palestinian boy reportedly killed by Israeli soldiers emerges unharmed. Aaron Miller says successful US diplomacy requires fighting with Israel. The Buffalo News says two states are the only solution. PLO officials say Special Envoy Mitchell is avoiding the region due to US-Israel tensions, but that they are in daily contact with US officials. Islamic Jihad reverses a statement promising not to fire projectiles towards Israel. Tourism is up 50% in the West Bank. Tensions run high in Gaza in spite of a Hamas call for, and Egyptian efforts towards, calm. Hamas says it wants to try PM Fayyad in court for an interview with Ha'aretz. Zvi Bar'el says only another intifada can save Israel's international image. Gideon Levy says everyone knows what Palestinians want, but no one knows what Israeli aims are. A sickly Palestinian man dies after a long delay at an Israeli checkpoint. Giora Eiland says US-Israel tensions arise from American commitment to a two state solution. A senior White House official reaches out to Jewish American leaders. Adel Safty says Arab states should support the Quartet.

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