The ongoing controversy between the US and Israel continues to dominate coverage: the New York Times sees an opportunity for the United States; Israel continues to refuse to reign in settlements; Tom Friedman says the US should support the PA state building agenda; Maureen Dowd says Iran is benefiting from the controversy; Sec. Clinton tones down administration rhetoric; the Quartet is meeting to discuss the matter; a Ha'aretz commentary asks whether Pres. Obama will seek to unseat PM Netanyahu and an editorial says he should agree to American demands; Netanyahu's brother-in-law calls Obama an "anti-Semite." More than 100 Palestinians are injured in West Bank violence, and the Christian Science Monitor says Iran sees an opportunity in the chaos. Israel lifts the closure of the West Bank. PLO secretary-general Yasser Abed Rabbo announces a major Palestinian conference on Jerusalem. General David Petraeus expresses concern that Israel's policies may be endangering US troops. The OIC accuses Israel of promoting a religious war. 13 human rights organizations petition on behalf of Palestinian mobility. Tensions emerge between US Jewish and Presbyterian leaders.

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