Fallout continues from Israel's announcement of 1600 new settler units in occupied East Jerusalem during the VP Biden's visit: PM Netanyahu apologizes but indicates no change in policy; Tom Friedman says Biden should have left Israel as soon as the announcement was made; Sec. Clinton and other administration officials continue to express outrage and have reportedly asked Israel to cancel the plan; speculation is rife about its impact on US-Israel relations; YNet says Israel now has to implement a de facto freeze in Jerusalem; Aaron David Miller says the administration is unlikely to want an extended confrontation; the Jerusalem Post says the controversy is a godsend to the PA and is being used by the administration to force clarity on the Israeli government. Israel extends its closure in the occupied West Bank for three more days and declares villages that have been the scene of nonviolent protests "closed military areas." Ha'aretz describes the abuse of a Palestinian shepherd by Israeli soldiers, and the Guardian reports on mistreatment of hundreds of Palestinian children in Israeli detention. A report in Foreign Policy says the US military believes that Israel's policies are endangering US troops.

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