Ghaith al-Omari
Non-resident Fellow


Ghaith Al-Omari is a non-resident fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP). Prior to that, he served in various positions within the Palestinian Authority, including Director of the International Relations Department in the Office of the Palestinian President, and advisor to former Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas. In these capacities, he provided advice on foreign policy -- especially vis-à-vis the United States and Israel -- and security. He has extensive experience in the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, having been an advisor to the Palestinian negotiating team throughout the permanent status negotiations (1999–2001). In that capacity, he participated in various negotiating rounds, most notably the Camp David summit and the Taba talks. After the breakdown of the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, he was the lead Palestinian drafter of the Geneva Initiative, an unofficial model peace agreement negotiated between leading Palestinian and Israeli public figures. Mr. al-Omari is a lawyer by training and a graduate of Georgetown and Oxford universities. Prior to his involvement in the Middle East peace process, he taught international law in Jordan and was active in human rights advocacy.

Publications, Press and Speeches

Al-Omari calls for leveraging Gaza war toward ending Israeli-Palestinian conflict July 31, 2014
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The perils of alienation over Palestine June 26, 2012
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Gingrich calls Palestinians an ‘invented’ people December 12, 2011
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Congress Moves To Punish Palestinians, But Even Israel Objects September 26, 2011
After Palestinian Statehood Bid, Where Do Mideast Talks Stand? September 23, 2011
The Palestinian Bid for UN Membership: Rationale, Response, Repercussions Featuring Ghaith al-Omari, Amos Yadlin, and David Makovsky September 20, 2011
A Palestine State: A Discussion with Ghaith al-Omari September 19, 2011
Barack Obama caught between Israel and his Palestinian 'promise' September 19, 2011
Palestinians Seeking Statehood at UN May Get Same Rights as Pope September 8, 2011
David Makovsky and Ghaith al-Omari debate the Israel-Palestine conflict and discuss creating mutual respect and dialogue May 27, 2011
What should we take away from the ‘Palestine Papers’? January 26, 2011
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PLO Flag Raised in Washington, D.C. January 21, 2011
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Six Years After His Death, Divided Palestinians Laud Arafat as Unifying Figure November 12, 2010
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Camp David Redux: A Look Back At Lessons Learned September 3, 2010
Q+A-Settlements loom as Middle East talks resume September 3, 2010
Israel, Palestinians agree to more peace talks September 3, 2010
The Peace Talks Resume: Prospects for Success September 2, 2010
Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks: What Will Help, Hinder? August 25, 2010
Mideast talks offer promise, peril for Obama August 25, 2010
Stakes are high in Mideast peace talks August 25, 2010
US gambles on new Middle East talks with no clear plan August 25, 2010
A message for Palestinians in the Israel-U.S. disagreement? March 22, 2010
East Jerusalem Settlement Plan Deepens Rift With Washington November 19, 2009
Expanding 'settlements' in eastern Jerusalem? Part 1 November 19, 2009
Obama's Middle East Strategy Stalls November 12, 2009
Obama's Middle East Strategy Stalls November 11, 2009
U.S. Eases Pressure on Israel, Leans On Palestinians November 5, 2009
Administration missteps hamper Mideast efforts November 5, 2009
Israeli envoys stay on in US for talks October 15, 2009
Fears of third intifada as tension grows in Israel October 8, 2009
Talks go on despite W. Bank construction September 9, 2009
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Pro-Palestinian Advocates Sense Winds of Change in Washington June 11, 2009
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Analysts See Growing US-Israeli Rift Over Settlements Issue June 5, 2009
Rival Messages as Obama Lands in the Mideast June 4, 2009
Obama's Cairo speech rabbis June 4, 2009
With Speech in Egypt, Obama Calculates Risk of Alienating Israel June 3, 2009
Israeli Minister's Visit Aims To Calm Settlements Dispute June 2, 2009
U.S. Weighs Tactics on Israeli Settlement June 1, 2009
Obama tells Israel to halt expansion May 29, 2009
Questions of Legitimacy Loom Over Abbas In Meeting with Obama May 28, 2009
Obama Deserves Palestinian Support May 27, 2009
Different Agendas Of Netanyahu, Obama April 27, 2009
Numerous Odds against a Lebanese Model for Palestinian Unity Government April 26, 2009
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US Affairs: Unsettling buzz April 3, 2009
Obama Administration Overhauls US Mideast Policy March 11, 2009
Middle East envoy George Mitchell no stranger to conflicts January 24, 2009
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Obama Defers to Bush, for Now, on Gaza Crisis December 28, 2008
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The Geneva Initiative June 3, 2007
Ten Commandments for Mideast Peace June 1, 2007
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