November 11, 2010 - 1:00am

The second round of dialogue between Islamic Hamas movement and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Fatah party held in Damascus ended on Wednesday with no progress, a Hamas spokesman said.

Ayman Taha, a Gaza-based Hamas spokesman told Xinhua that the second round of dialogue, which was held for two days, had ended without reaching any agreement on the thorny security issue.

"The delegations of the two movements ended their round of dialogue without reaching an agreement, but agreed to meet again in Damascus after 10 days," said Taha, adding that contacts would continue to discuss the date and the place where the upcoming round would be held.

He declined to elaborate the details of the remaining disputes concerning the security issue and about what had been achieved so far.

"The security issue is complicated and it is not easy to reach an agreement within one round, therefore the continuation of dialogue may lead us to agree on it," said Taha.

In late September, the two groups have agreed on the outstanding issues related to elections arrangement and reforming Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

The two rival groups' talks focused on reforming the Palestinian security forces in the Palestinian territories in a bid to reach an agreement on ending their rifts and achieve a national reconciliation.

Hamas officials had earlier announced that they were looking for forming a highest security committee to be in charge of reforming the security forces of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA). However, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had announced earlier that the issue of security can never be shared between Hamas and Fatah, and it must be independent and has one leadership.


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