Ma'an News Agency
December 7, 2009 - 1:00am

Egypt intends to propose a new suggestion to the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation plan, focusing on disputed points, while Cairo will ask both sides to either accept or refuse the plan as a whole, but will not allow amendments, according to Al-Yaum, a Saudi newspaper, on Monday.

Egyptian mediators will restart dialogue that was frozen for months following the Palestinian Authority's deferred discussion of the UN-backed Goldstone report, a high-profile source said Monday.

A delegation of members of the Palestinian Reconciliation Committee arrived in Cairo on Sunday hoping to find solutions for the impasse and reach conciliation.

“The committee was invited by the Egyptian leadership to resume consultations on how to move forward with the reconciliation efforts,” said Hasan Abdo, member of the reconciliation committee. Abdo explained that his committee held meetings with representatives from Hamas and Fatah in attempts to break the ice.

The new proposal reportedly includes solutions for the factional committee, which is supposed to run the Gaza Strip temporarily, the structure of Palestinian security services, the PLO, and elections.


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