The killing of an Israeli soldier by a Palestinian teenager deepens tensions. (New York Times)

Israeli extremists burn a Palestinian home in the occupied West Bank. (AP/Xinhua/Ma'an)

Israeli forces shoot and wound a Palestinian farmer in Gaza. (Xinhua)

Two mortar shells are fired from Gaza into southern Israel. (Xinhua)

Four more Palestinian refugees are killed in Syria in fierce clashes in a major refugee camp. (Ma'an/The Media Line)

A Palestinian NGO accuses Hamas of torturing Palestinian prisoners. (YNet)

The one-year anniversary of the last major Israeli attack on Gaza brings Israel little joy, but iscelebrated by Hamas. (AP/Xinhua/BBC)

Palestinians in Gaza fear the potential of another war. (Ma'an)

Centrist politicians in Israel slam the Jewish Home party for allegedly trying to sabotage peace talks. (Xinhua)

Palestinian negotiators yet again offer their resignations over planned Israeli settlement activity. (AFP/Reuters)

Palestinians say negotiations will continue regardless. (Ha'aretz)

Palestine obtains full membership status in the International Association of Deposit Insurers. (PNN)

Israel wants more Palestinian women citizens of the state to have jobs. (Christian Science Monitor)

Unmarried couples are breaking social conventions in Gaza. (Al Monitor)

The CIA declassifies its intelligence information on the Egypt-Israel Camp David peace negotiations. (AP)

Egypt insists it is not replacing Russia for the US as its main ally. (AP)

Egypt says it will end its state of emergency on Thursday. (Xinhua)

suicide bomber kills 41 Iraqi Shiites during a religious ritual. (AP)

Hezbollah's leader says the group will continue to fight in Syria. (AP/Reuters)

Rivalries between different commanders are spelling defeat for the Free Syrian Army. (The National)

Kurds in Syria are making major strides towards wide-ranging autonomy. (Christian Science Monitor)

Qatar may be considering altering its foreign policy after a string of major setbacks. (Washington Post)


Hamid Alkifaey says ATFP can serve as a model for genuinely effective Arab-American political engagement. (Al Hayat)

Hussein Ibish and Robert Satloff debate the role of the US in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. (PBS NewsHour)

Talal Alyan says Palestinians and their supporters need to stop calling each other traitors and collaborators. (+972)

Akiva Eldar says the Israeli government is determined to "Israelize" occupied East Jerusalem. (Al Monitor)

The Daily Star says the West must take stronger action against Israel's settlement activities. (The Daily Star)

Avi Issacharoff says Pres. Abbas may be using the threat of resigning negotiators to pressure Israel over settlements. (Times of Israel)

Aeyal Gross examines the moral economy of Israeli vegans who support the occupation. (Ha'aretz)

Joseph Dana looks at a new book by Shira Robinson on Palestinian citizens of Israel. (The National)

Tom Phillips says Israel and Saudi Arabia cannot cooperate on their mutual concerns about Iran without dealing with the Palestinian issue first. (Ha'aretz)

Jonathan Rynhold says the ultimate cost of the Iraq war may be a nuclear Iran. (Ha'aretz)

Michael Young says the specter of Hezbollah hangs heavy over Iranian negotiations. (The National)

Osama Al Sharif says the new US emphasis on diplomacy will test its relations with many Middle East allies. (Arab News)

The Jerusalem Post says the US must keep Israel "in the loop" on Iran. (Jerusalem Post)

Douglas Bloomfield says Israeli-US feuding over Iran only helps Iran. (Jerusalem Post)

Eyad Abu Shakra says Iran is virtually occupying Syria. (Asharq Al Awsat)

Ari Shavit says Saudi Arabia may attempt to go preemptively nuclear in 2014. (Ha'aretz)

Adnan Abu Amer closely examines Hamas' Mourabitoun unit. (Al Monitor)

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