NEWS: Israeli authorities in occupied East Jerusalem are creating more street names. Palestinians intensify their diplomatic campaign for greater recognition at the UN. Syrian rebels are reportedly arming anti-Assad Palestinian factions. Israeli center-left parties are reportedly discussing the possibility of a coalition to defeat PM Netanyahu. Israeli settlers scuffle with occupation forces as they demolish unauthorized settlement structures. PLO sources reportedly say PM Fayyad has proposed a new cabinet. A Palestinian columnist is being investigated by the PA for libel. UNRWA is facing resistance from its own teachers in educating Palestinian students about the Holocaust. US police chiefs are studying Israeli counterterrorism methods. Israel acknowledges the details of the assassination of PLO leader Abu Jihad. Pres. Peres says there shouldn't be any diplomatic initiatives until the next Israeli election. COMMENTARY: Hussein Ibish says whoever wins the election, the next administration will have to deal with the question of Palestine. Siraj Davis and Yasmin Omar Lulu look at the plight of refugees in Gaza. Ari Shavit calls FM Lieberman a "grotesque version" of Pres. Putin. Shaul Arieli says Israel's leaders are not adopting peaceful positions. Barak Ravid says Moshe Kahlon is very supportive of Israeli settlement efforts. Jeremy Ben-Ami says the Levy Commission Report serves bashers of Israel. Morgan McDaniel says Palestinian businesswomen are increasingly asserting themselves. Alon Pinkas says Netanyahu's move to the right opens up space for former PM Olmert in the Israeli political center. Yedidia Stern says Israeli women shouldn't be forced to choose between a religious life and a full one. Menachem Klein says the next Palestinian uprising will probably begin by targeting Palestinian leaders, not Israel.

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