NEWS: FM al-Malki says Palestine does not plan on applying for membership in more UN agencies, and UNSG Ban says such membership is “not helpful.” It appears increasingly unlikely Palestinians can muster a majority in the Security Council for UN membership, and the UK and France will reportedly abstain in any vote. Israel joins the United States and Canada in defunding UNESCO. Islamic Jihad says it's open to “an all-out war with Israel.” Israeli forces kill two militants in Gaza. A senior Fatah official says Hamas' political weakness makes national reunification a real possibility. The Washington Post profiles young Palestinian activists. A Palestinian NGO, Al Nayzak, is trying to promote a culture of technological innovation. COMMENTARY: Dawoud Abu Lebdeh says many Palestinians see the Israel-Hamas prisoner swap as a defeat for Pres. Abbas. Stephen Cohen says American Jews can be liberal but pro-Israel. Carlo Strenger says Abbas has done his best to reach out to the Israeli public in recent weeks. Desmond Tutu and Michael Mansfield defend the upcoming "Russell Tribunal” on Palestine. J.J. Goldberg says it's wrong to see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a zero-sum game. The National since the UAE has joined UNESCO's executive board, it should help resolve the funding crisis. The Forward calls Palestine's UNESCO membership bid “inexplicable.” Ibrahim Shikaki says the “Arab Spring” will and does look different in Palestine, and Itamar Rabinovich says the effect on Israel has been mixed. Colum Lynch asks if the US would really defund multiple UN agencies over Palestine.

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