November 8th

No resolution is imminent in the Rachel Corrie civil trial. Israelis show less interest in military service. Pres. Abbas says Palestinians will decide their future. Israeli police and Bedouins clash at a mosque demolition. The PA says Israel raided thousands of Palestinian homes in October. Stressed-out Gazans suffer from emotional trauma. Israeli artists boycott settlement theaters. Anger at Israel flares during Jordan's election campaign. PLO and Egyptian officials stress the need to end Israeli settlement activity. Israel's wanted list in the West Bank is down to almost zero. Thomas Friedman warns Israelis they are losing American support. VP Biden stresses US support for Israel and opposition to unilateral moves. A Nazareth imam is charged with incitement to terrorism. PLO officials say they will ask the US to recognize a Palestinian state if talks fail. An Israeli filmmaker discovers her Palestinian forebears. Raghida Dergham predicts Pres. Obama will now focus on domestic policies. The Arab News says Israeli officials should be subject to possible arrest in the UK and Rami Khouri says Israel is right to fear international scrutiny. The undertaker (“gravedigger”), an article about Jeffery Feltman, appeared in the Syrian Daily Tishreen.

November 5th

Saudi Arabia says it will not cooperate with Israel until the occupation ends. PM Rabin¹s murder may have marked the death of the Israeli peace camp. Hamas and Fatah are due to resume unity talks but the rise of the Hamas military complicates the issue and Hamas says Pres. Abbas is uncooperative. Israeli occupation forces raid the homes of Palestinian nonviolent protest leaders. The PLO says settler violence is on the rise. Palestinians give the US more time on peace talks. Israel considers leaving settlers in a Palestinian state. A Ha¹aretz investigation shows the Israeli government has summarily given land in occupied East Jerusalem to settlers. Lara Friedman looks at the impact of the midterm elections on US Mideast policy. UN officials in Gaza are given weapons for protection. Settlers develop a new lexicon of abuse. Abbas says Israel is ³building ferociously² in Jerusalem. Orly Azoulay says Pres. Obama still wants peace. The PA cracks down on settlement goods. The UK FM says time is running out for a two-state solution. The National profiles the incoming head of the House International Relations Committee, Rep. Ros-Lehtinen.

November 4th

Israel kills a leader of an Al Qaeda-inspired organization in Gaza, and hints the US approved the strike. Former Pres. Clinton remembers the late PM Rabin and says peace is still possible. The first settlement goods case comes before a Palestinian court. Pres. Abbas says the US is trying to restart peace talks and denounces Israel's "aggressive policies." A new poll says 56% of Palestinians oppose resuming talks in the face of ongoing settlement activity. Sec. Clinton plans to meet PM Netanyahu and says the US is working nonstop on peace. Israel says it will officially monitor Palestinian “incitement.” Israel cuts off special dialogue with Britain and cooperation with UNESCO. US midterm elections may impact Mideast policy. Israel may introduce civil marriage. Israel is blocking Palestinian officials from crossing the Allenby Bridge. Another poll shows a sharp drop in support for Hamas in Gaza. Britain's FM backs nonviolent Palestinian protests. George Hishmeh looks at tensions between Israel and the Vatican. Daoud Kuttab says education is a key to successful Palestinian statehood.

November 3rd

Defying Israeli restrictions, Palestinians renovate and rededicate schools in occupied East Jerusalem. Egypt¹s intelligence chief arrives in Israel. Israeli soldiers shoot a mentally disabled Palestinian in Gaza. PLO officials say dissolving the PA is an option. Jewish-Arab relations in Israel hit a new low. Xinhua interviews Nabil Shaath. Israeli tour guides once again are operating in Palestinian-controlled areas. Gaza children work to support their families. Ha¹aretz looks at how the GOP win in the House will impact Middle East policies, though the State Department insists there will be no change. Yossi Sarid says Israel has no answer to PM Fayyad¹s moderate policies. The UK Foreign Secretary will break protocol and meet Palestinian leaders in Jerusalem. An Israeli town moves to restrict home sales to Palestinians. DM Barak says negotiations will restart after the US elections. Yonatan Preminger says Israel does not want peace. Israel¹s outgoing military intelligence chief says its next wars will be more difficult. The Independent profiles FM Lieberman.

November 2nd

Israeli right-wingers create their own tea parties. There are more signs of revival in Nablus. Palestinians and Israeli human rights groups accuse Israel of abusing Palestinian prisoners. Israel bans PM Fayyad from Jerusalem ceremonies. Fateh and Hamas officials will meet soon in Damascus. Egypt is reportedly pressing Palestinians to present a comprehensive peace plan. Amir Oren says the US is subtlety linking settlements and Israel¹s nuclear arsenal for the first time. Deputy PM Meridor cancels a UK trip for fear of arrest. PM Netanyahu says the settlement issue is on hold. Israel pressures the PA to prosecute Palestinian suspects. Gaza businesses are suffering due to an export ban. The Forward looks at controversy over Ahava cosmetics manufactured in the occupied territories. Hassan Barari concludes that prospects for a peace agreement are bleak.

November 1st

The New York Times says all parties must stop playing games and endorses Sec. Clinton's comments at the ATFP Gala. Israeli relations with Morocco are strained. Israeli police round up Palestinian children in occupied East Jerusalem. The CSM says Pres. Obama should allow Palestinians to seek UN recognition. Arab states may lead the way. The PA says settlement removal is a national priority. Shootings have become a daily routine at Gaza's borders. Israeli security officials worry about new technology. PM Netanyahu will visit the United States and meet with VP Biden. Israel condemns UNESCO's decision to recognize West Bank sites as holy to both Jews and Muslims, and the Arab news says Israel is trying to steal Palestinian heritage. France says it's indignant over Israeli withdrawal from a meeting including Pres. Abbas. The PA says it's unaware of any Israeli plans to attack Gaza. The US may be proposing Israel lease parts of the occupied territories from a Palestinian state. Gaza's donkey market collapses. A new hotel in Ramallah symbolizes revival. Kieron Monks says the PA should control parts of Area C. The Independent profiles a rabbi who helps Palestinians with the olive harvest.

October 29th

15 years after his assassination, Israelis are divided on PM Rabin's legacy. Saeb Erakat says peace depends on an end to Israeli settlement activity. PM Fayyad says he's not running for president. The PA opposes Hamas involvement in peace talks. Pres. Abbas says Palestinians may be forced to seek UN recognition, but negotiations remain the first option. The US reportedly suggests Israel lease land in East Jerusalem from a future Palestinian state. Israel bars Palestinian children from a Tel Aviv film festival. Amnon Be'eri-Sulitzeanu says segregation of Jews and Arabs in Israel is “almost absolute.” Israel's settler population is growing at three times the national average. The Jerusalem Post says PM Netanyahu lacks a Cabinet majority for a settlement freeze. Egyptian officials say there has been no breakthrough on negotiations. Daphna Baram says a recent row over school textbook shows some Israeli thinking is evolving, but some not. Hassan Haidar says Israel's government and settlers are becoming obsessed with the Palestinian olive harvest.

October 28th

Lawrence Korb says convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard should be freed. Egyptian officials will meet Pres. Abbas in Ramallah, and may urge resumption of talks. Arab leaders call for a strike in Umm Al Fahm. A Palestinian citizen of Israel is convicted of working with Hezbollah. Gaza¹s loss of citrus crops hits the economy. The UK pledges $55 million to the PA. Hamas leaders call for dialogue with the West. The PA will rededicate refurbished schools in occupied East Jerusalem. Israel finally appoints a new UN ambassador. PM Fayyad says Palestinians will have a state in 2011. Some Israelis are sabotaging, others helping, the Palestinian olive harvest. A website against campus divestment activism is launched by a pro-Israel group. The Israeli right is hoping for a big GOP win in the US midterms. George Hishmeh says few options remain for Palestinians. Daoud Kuttab looks at the tensions between the Jewish and Israeli identities. Jesse Rosenfeld says the epicenter of the Palestinian struggle has shifted into Israel itself.

October 27th

Israel is expanding a settlement near Nablus. Israeli police and Palestinian citizens clash over a right-wing rally. Palestinian MKs are among the injured. A Palestinian man is killed in a Gaza explosion. Senior Egyptian officials will visit the West Bank. Jordan's PM says resolving the Palestine issue is key to fighting terrorism. Amira Hass says Israel's policies only strengthen Hamas. Ha'aretz asks what a ³Jewish state² really means. Israeli officials row over cutting off water to Bedouins. The UN demands Israel curb settler attacks. An influential Israeli think tank backs the Arab Peace Initiative. Settler leaders complain of a ³silent building freeze.² As settlement construction resumes, some Palestinian laborers go back to work. Jonathan Freedland says the administration needs a new Middle East approach. The JTA says Israel does not know how to respond to Palestinian talk of international recognition for statehood. Ghassan Khatib explains why Palestinians object to PM Netanyahu's demands for recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, but Yossi Alpher finds the positions of both parties problematic.

October 26th

Some Israeli officials question PM Netanyahu's insistence on Palestinian recognition of Israel as a "Jewish state," and Leonard Fein calls the demand frivolous. Nabeel Shaath says settlement construction must stop. An Israeli general proposes a plan for revival in Gaza. Palestinians and settlers compete over planting, olive harvesting. Palestinians reiterate they may seek UN recognition. UN officials say they support a Palestinian state next year. Israeli forces wound one Palestinian in Gaza, arrest 16 in the West Bank. Ha'aretz says Palestinian and Jewish terrorists should be treated equally. Israel's formulae for the Gaza blockade are revealed. Rightists plan a memorial for Kahane in Jerusalem. MK Dichter cancels a trip to Spain, fearing arrest. Aaron David Miller says that if PM Rabin were alive today, we would have peace. Dennis Ross tells Israelis failed talks could imperil their security. Hamas officials say another battle with Israel is imminent. Disputes over the Church of the Holy Nativity may be resolved. Raja Khalidi questions the notion of "economic peace." The JTA looks at the role of the Jewish Diaspora in peace. Rep. Eric Cantor proposes reassigning aid to Israel. Israel and the Vatican spar over the occupation.

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