Israeli settlers and Palestinians struggle over houses in occupied East Jerusalem, and clashes interrupt between Palestinians and occupation forces. A new collection of the writings of Mahmoud Darwish is published in English. The US is quiet on efforts to restart negotiations, and analysts say the talks remain in limbo. Noam Chomsky calls the peace process "a charade." A Palestinian is shot in the leg by Israeli soldiers. Israel bars a PLO official from leaving the West Bank. Ha'aretz says Israel's discrimination against Palestinian citizens undermines its democracy. Childcare experts denounce Israel's treatment of stone-throwing Palestinian youths. David Axelrod says the US is committed to peace and Israel's security. Israeli and Palestinian officials trade accusations over stalled negotiations. Gazans begin to eat well again but animals face starvation. A fired AIPAC staffer vows to prove that the organization typically trades in secrets. George Hishmeh says all three governments need major changes to facilitate peace. The Arab News says Hamas' announcement that it would respect the results of a Palestinian referendum on peace with Israel is a challenge for Israel and the United States.

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