NOTE: due to Thursday's ATFP Gala, the ATFP world news roundup will resume on Monday, October 19.

The Palestine Investment Fund launches a $220 million housing project in the occupied territories. Israel is considering restricting travel by senior officials fearing arrest as a consequence of the Goldstone report. Hamas claims that it always supported the report and that the organization is "praised" in it. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon supports moves by Pres. Abbas to reopen debate on the report in the UN Human Rights Council. US reportedly tells Egypt that Palestinian reconciliation would undermine negotiations with Israel. Kadima leader Tzipi Livni accuses Prime Minister Netanyahu of "humiliating" the Palestinians, while Netanyahu says combating the Goldstone report is Israel's main priority. An Israeli pornographer uses sex to "promote coexistence." An Israeli embassy spokesman says that J Street "could impair Israel's interests." ATFP President Ziad Asali says Netanyahu's commitment to peace will be tested in coming months.

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