A Boston Globe opinion by Israeli filmmaker Hilla Medalia discovers the humanity of Palestinians by visiting the Deheisheh refugee camp in the occupied West Bank (2.) In his Prospects For Peace blog, New America and Century Foundation senior fellow Daniel Levy is supportive of the bipartisan letter sent to President Bush by eight former senior U.S. officials regarding the upcoming Annapolis meeting (5.) A Financial Times (UK) opinion by CSIS's Jon Alterman outlines why the way that the Annapolis meeting is unfolding will only prove how hard it is to achieve peace and will strengthen rejectionists on both sides (6.) The Independent (UK) reports on the visit by British university vice-chancellors to the occupied Palestinian territories in order to strengthen ties with universities there (8.) A Gulf News (UAE) opinion by George Hishmeh takes issue with the fact that none of the US presidential candidates have said anything meaningful about the Annapolis meeting (10.) In a Jerusalem Post (Israel) interview, Canterbury Archbishop Rowan attributes the emigration of Palestinian Christians from their land to the separation barrier and its effects (12.) A Haaretz (Israel) opinion by Aluf Benn explains how Israel's avoidance of the 'core issues' at the Annapolis meeting will result in the meeting's failure and harms chances of a future agreement (14.)

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