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Pres. Abbas calls for reviewing political, economic, and security agreements with Israel. (Ma’an/Jerusalem Post)

The ICC is planning to send a delegation to Israel to examine whether war crimes have been committed in the occupied Palestinian territories. (Ha’aretz/Times of Israel)

Hamas accuses the PA of instigating unrest in Gaza after a suspect attempting to allegedly set off a bomb was arrested. (Ma’an/Ynet/Jerusalem Post)

A poll indicates more than half of Jewish-Israelis support having separate Jewish and Palestinian buses in the occupied West Bank (JTA/Times of Israel)

Israel barrs a Palestinian photographer allegedly shot in the eye by Israeli forces from entering occupied East Jerusalem for specialist treatment. (AFP)

Pres. Rivlin tells the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff at a Jerusalem meeting, “I was born in Jerusalem and I am Israeli.” (JTA/Times of Israel)

Orange S.A. CEO Stephane Richard is expected to visit Israel at the end of the week to clear up the “misunderstanding” over his remarks. (Reuters)

The Israeli Embassy in Germany succeedes in cancelling the Breaking the Silence exhibition in Cologne. (Ynet)

Israeli forces detain four Palestinians from the town of Beit Ummar northwest of Hebron. (Ma’an)

Pres. Obama orders the deployment of 450 more US troops to Iraq's Sunni heartland to advise and assist Iraqi forces. (Reuters/.New York Times/AP/The National)

After 11 weeks of airstrikes that have failed to change the balance of power in Yemen, Saudi Arabia is running out of options to restore Pres. Hadi's exiled government to Sanaa. (Reuters)

Bahrain's FM summons the Iraqi ambassador to hand him an official letter of protest over a banned Shi'ite group that the kingdom said received training in Iraq. (Reuters)

The Al-Nusra Front kills at least 20 Syrian Druze after a confrontation in the northwestern Idlib province. (AP)

The conflicts in Syria and the region are taking a toll on Jordan’s tourism. (New York Times)

Israel denies any link to reported cyber attack on P5+1 talks with Iran. (Reuters/JTA/Ha’aretz/AP)

An Israeli delegation headed by NSA Cohen will arrive in Washington on Monday for a final round of talks with senior US officials over nuclear deal unfolding between P5+1 and Iran. (Ha’aretz)

PM Davutoglu says history has shown that Turkey is ill suited to coalition governments but the ruling AK Party is open to all options. (Reuters)


Gideon Levy interviews Arab-Israeli actor Norman Issa. (Ha’aretz)

Ari Shavit says in the little time left before Iran deal is signed, the air between Israel and American Jews and Pres. Obama  must be cleared. (Ha’aretz)

David Horovitz interviews forms FM Lieberman. (Times of Israel)

Ben Caspit says Netanyahu wants to reduce international pressure during the last 18 months of Obama's term. (Al-Monitor)

Aaron David Miller asks how Israel is the 11th happiest nation in the world. (Foreign Policy)

Michael Young says federalism can calm sectarian differences in the Arab world. (The National)

Rashmee Roshan Lall says the G7 should get its priorities in line and look at ways of defeating ISIS. (The National)

Abdul Rahman Al Rashed says killing 10000 ISIS fighters does not mean victory. (Al Arabiya)

Michael Young says a new Shiite-Maronite pact cannot work in Lebanon. (Daily Star)

Joyce Karam says with the threat of terrorism rising in Egypt, and Cairo remaining a cornerstone of stability in the Middle East, this is no time for US and Egyptian officials to be engaged in trivial minutia. (Al Arabiya)

The New York Times says a depraved sentence of 1,000 lashes for Saudi blogger Raif Badawi  is a huge disgrace for Saudi rulers.  (New York Times)

Samuel Berger says a growing roster of global crises is putting strains on the ability of humanitarian organizations to provide aid and the US needs to step up and lead. (Foreign Policy)


The Israeli military issues an update on its internal inquiries, saying neither Israeli nor international laws were broken in several deadly clashes during last summer’s war in Gaza.(New York Times/AFP/Ha’aretz/Times of Israel)

The relatives of one of four Palestinian children killed on a Gaza beach during last summer’s war are outraged that the investigation into their deaths has been closed.(AP/Times of Israel)

PM Netanyahu will meet with the chief executive of French telecom giant Orange SA to discuss the CEO's recent comments on pulling out of Israel. (AP/AFP/JTA/Times of Israel)

Palestinians in Gaza fire a rocket toward southern Israel but it lands inside the Palestinian territory. (AFP/JTA/Ha’aretz/Times of Israel)

Pres. Abbas inaugurates the headquarters of the Palestinian embassy in the Serbian capital of Belgrade. (Ma’an/PNN)

Israel’s Supreme Court dismisses a petition that seeks to give Palestinians local planning rights in the occupied West Bank. (JTA/Times of Israel)

The Washington Post asks whether Israel can stop international boycotts. (Washington Post)

Gen. Dempsey says the US is considering building more military bases in Iraq. (Reuters/New York Times/AP)

The Syrian government says it has faced worse times and is confident its army can hit back with the help of its allies. (Reuters)

Syrian Druze are reportedly reconsidering their alliances after a deadly attack. (New York Times)

UN special envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed will hold separate "proximity" talks with Yemen's two main warring parties in Geneva on Sunday. (Reuters)

Tourist sites are on alert as militants go for Egypt’s economic lifeline.(Reuters/AP)


Akiva Eldar explains why Israelis should pay attention to the recent US Supreme Court decision. (Al-Monitor)

Robert Swift says photography seeks to show the good and the bad in Gazan children’s daily lives. (The Media Line)

Shmuel Rosner says Pres. Rivlin is a great conciliator, but he’s been a miserable failure when it comes to relations with non-Orthodox Jews. (New York Times)

Ron Kampeas says a speech at a Washington synagogue and other Jewish outreach efforts have done little to boost Pres. Obama’s approval ratings among Jewish-Americans. (JTA)

Zack Gold says Egypt will not declare Hamas a terror group and looks at what does that mean for Israel. (Ha’aretz)

Ha’aretz interviews opposition leader Herzog. (Ha’aretz)

David Horovitz and Raphal Ahren interview former FM Lieberman. (Times of Israel)

David Ignatius asks who has a tougher plan for Iraq. (Washington Post)

Alan Philps says the US's policy on combating ISIS seems geared more at helping fellow Democrats in US elections rather than the citizens of Iraq and Syria. (The National)

The New York Times says deploying American troops in Anbar Province may accomplish little in the long run, if past is prologue. (New York Times)

Fareed Zakaria looks at why Saudi Arabia will not get atomic weapons, (Washington Post)

Daniel Sobelman says Hezbollah’s friends in Yemen are trying to lure the Saudis into a ground war. (Foreign Policy)

Osman Mirghani says Libya must not be left to ISIS. (Asharq al-Awsat)

Abdallah Schleifer says this week’s terrorist attack in Egypt may herald the beginning of a more murderous phase of Islamist warfare against both the Egyptian state and society.

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