Pres. Abbas accuses Israel of "gangsterism" over its decision to withhold Palestinian tax revenues. (Ynet)

As Israel goes to the polls, Palestinians expect little change. (The National)

Gaza’s sole power plant was shut down on Wednesday evening as Qatari-donated fuel supplies ran out. (Ma’an)

Extremist Jewish settlers torch two Palestinian cars and vandalize a building near Ramallah. (Ma’an/PNN/JTA/Times of Israel)

Unidentified assailants throw flammable material at the door of a Fatah leader's house in eastern Gaza. (Ma’an)

Israeli forces shoot and injure two Palestinian fishermen off the coast of Gaza. (Ma’an)

Three thousand women protest outside the Knesset calling for an Israeli-Palestinian peaceagreement. (JTA/Times of Israel/Jerusalem Post)

The number of Palestinians working for Israelis on either side of the Green Line has doubled in the last 4 years. (Jerusalem Post)

Experts say PM Netanyahu may gain only a fleeting lift from his Congressional speech. (New York Times) 

FM Zarif says Iran “saved the Jews” three times and Netanyahu should “learn his history.” (Ha’aretz/Times of Israel)

American officials are reportedly hinting that replacing Amb. Dermer is key to mending US-Israel ties. (Ha’aretz)

A Chinese official at the P5+1 talks sees hope for a deal. (Reuters)

Sec. Kerry meets with King Salman and Gulf Arab FMs in Riyadh to reassure them on Iranian nuclear talks. (Reuters/AP/Washington Post/New York Times)

Egypt may import natural gas from Israel. (JTA/TheMarker)

Pres. Sisi reshuffles his cabinet and replaces the minister of interior. (AP)

Syrian government barrel bombs kill at least 18 in Aleppo. (AP)

The collapse of the Hazzm movement in Syria underlines the failure of efforts to unify Arab and Western support for mainstream insurgents. (Reuters)

Syria's Western-backed political opposition is trying to ally with opposition groups based in Syria to boost its legitimacy. (Reuters)

The US strategy in Iraq is increasingly relying on Iran. (New York Times)

Iraqis plan to take a leading role in driving ISIS out of Mosul. (New York Times)

Warplanes from Libya's internationally recognized government carry out air strikes on an airport in Tripoli. (Reuters)

Libya says 11 oil fields in the country are non-operational after attacks by suspected ISIS militants. (AP)


Rami Al-Magheiri looks at Hamas’ reaction to the Egyptian court ruling against it. (The Media Line)

Ha’aretz says right-wingers’ assault on Knesset members at a panel discussion this week was an act worthy of fascists. (Ha’aretz)

Shlomo Sand says a Jewish vote for the Arab list could be a decisive event in Israel’s short history. (Ha’aretz)

Ben Sales profiles Israeli opposition leader Herzog. (JTA)

AP interviews former Finance Minister Lapid. (AP)

Melanie Lidman looks at the group “Runners Without Borders” that brings Arab, Jewish, and Armenian girls together. (Times of Israel)

Nahum Barnea says Netanyahu’s top priority is elections, not Iran. (Ynet)

Akiva Eldar says focused on Iran, Netanyahu’s is ignoring Israel’s economic crisis. (Al-Monitor)

Alan Philps says the “grenade thrown” by Netanyahu in the US Capitol will leave lasting scars. (The National)

Aaron David Miller says its too early to say whether Netanyahu’s speech bought him votes in the Israeli election or time on the Iran deal. (Foreign Policy)

Peter Beinart says Jewish history offers no parallels for the situation Israel finds itself in today, but American history does. (Ha’aretz)

Ari Shavit says Netanyahu’s speech did not generate interest in the US because he framed the Iranian nuclear threat in Jewish and Israeli terms. (Ha’aretz)

E.J. Dionne says Netanyahu’s speech threatens US support for Israel. (Washington Post)

Michael Young says on Iran, Arabs deeply mistrust Pres. Obama. (Daily Star)

Joyce Karam says Netanyahu bruised Obama in Congress without killing the Iran deal. (Al Arabiya)

Samir Atallah says King Salman has a sound vision for Saudi Arabia. (Asharq al-Awsat)

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