A Palestinian official says $12 million in aid donations will be distributed to Palestinians displaced by last summer’s Gaza war. (Ma’an)

The UAE is funneling funds to Gaza through former Palestinian official Dahlan. (Times of Israel)

UN Middle East Envoy Serry warns Israel is on a dangerous path to a one-state reality. (Ynet) 

Pres. Rivlin calls for the building of a new city to accommodate Israel’s growing Arab minority. (JTA)

An EU official defends its funding for “unlicensed” construction of hundreds of buildings for Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. (JTA/Jerusalem Post)

Israeli occupation forces shoot and injure a Palestinian man in Hebron after he attempted to grab a soldier’s gun. (Ma’an)

Hamas says the PA was responsible for pointing Israel toward nearly a third of its Gaza targets in the conflict last summer. (Times of Israel)

A joint Arab list hopes to win 15 seats in the upcoming Israeli election. (The Media Line)

An Israeli official suggests that PM Netanyahu had been misled into thinking an invitation to address Congress was fully supported by the Democrats. (Reuters/Jerusalem Post)

A Jewish American leader Malcom Hoenlein says American funding should be kept out of Israeli elections. (JTA)

Thousands of Jordanians rally in Amman, urging King Abdullah to step up airstrikesagainst ISIS. (Reuters/Jordan Times)

prominent Jihadi preacher criticizes ISIS after being released from more than three months in detention in Jordan. (AP/New York Times/The National)

Syrian Kurds celebrate after pushing ISIS out of Kobani. (Reuters)

Syrian air force strikes kill 82 in an opposition-held district outside of Damascus. (Reuters)

Recent ISIS setbacks in Syria suggest the group is under strain but far from collapse in the Syrian part of its self-declared caliphate. (Reuters)

ISIS extremists publish a manifesto for women living under their rule, including marriage for girls at age nine. (The Telegraph)

A report says the EU must agree on intercepting Skype conversations to help stop the flow of European citizens returning from Syria. (Reuters)

The Houthis say they will release a “constitutional declaration” in Yemen. (AP)


Adnan Abu Amer says Hamas is reaching out to the new Saudi leadership in an effort to reestablish ties. (Al-Monitor)

Amos Harel says Israel must ensure tension with Hezbollah and Hamas doesn't escalate. (Ha’aretz)

Raphael Ahren asks if Netanyahu should cancel his speech to Congress. (Times of Israel)

The New York Times says the video of the murder of the Jordanian pilot has succeeded in fostering rage and revulsion against ISIS throughout the Arab world. (New York Times)

Abdallah Schleifer says the father of the murdered pilot and thousands of other Jordanians are powerfully demanding that Jordan “annihilate ISIS.” (Al Arabiya)

The Jordan Times defends the decision to execute the two terrorists. (Jordan Times)

Fareed Zakaria says the international community must deny ISIS the overreaction it wants. (Washington Post)

Charles Krauthammer says ISIS is seeking to destabilize Jordan by drawing it deeply into the conflict. (Washington Post)

Salman Aldossary says the story of ISIS is one of a group that has shown limitless immorality, sadism and brutality in its dealings with everybody. (Asharq al-Awsat)

The Washington Post says the emerging Iranian nuclear deal raises major concerns. (Washington Post)

Eric Yoffie says the Republicans will be no tougher on Iran than Pres. Obama. (Ha’aretz)

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