The UN says 71,000 Palestinian refugees have been displaced from Syria to Lebanon. (Xinhua)
Former PM Olmert says Israel must clarify its position on peace with the Palestinians. (YNet)
180 Jewish Israeli extremists enter the Al-Aqsa compound in occupied East Jerusalem under armed guard. (Ma'an)
Palestinian officials say they may bring the settlement issue before the international community. (Jerusalem Post)
The mayor of Nablus says Palestinians may take to the streets if peace talks remain stalled. (Jerusalem Post)
Israel intensifies pressure on the United States to act against Iran. (New York Times/AP)
Israel is confirmed as having conducted an airstrike to stop Russian missile shipments to Syria. (New York Times/AP)
Reports suggest Turkey may have assisted in the airstrike. (Times of Israel)
Israel repeats its pledge to keep Syrian weapons from reaching Hezbollah. (AP)
Israel launches a new anti-Hezbollah website. (The Media Line)
Israeli officials worry that Hamas may be manufacturing missiles that can reach Tel Aviv. (YNet)
Israel tests a new, long range, rocket propulsion system. (Xinhua)
Legislation in Congress that would enter Israel into the US visa waiver program without guaranteeing reciprocal treatment for all US citizens is meeting with opposition from the Obama administration. (AP)
Extremists in Sinai kill three workers in an attack on a bus. (AFP)
Israelis living near the border with Egypt are advised to stay indoors, as unrest in Sinai intensifies. (AP)
Pres. Abbas discusses bilateral relations with senior Egyptian officials. (Ma'an)
Hamas harshly condemns the new Egyptian government. (AP)
Israel jails two senior Hamas members for 30 months in prison each. (AFP)
Hamas says it is courting various European states for more recognition. (The Guardian)
New York Jets rookie offensive lineman and Palestinian American Oday Aboushi defends himself against slanderous accusations. (AP)
Palestinians say Israeli settlers attacked a Palestinian shepherd near Hebron. (Ma'an)
Israel announces a $139 million plan for development in the Negev desert. (Xinhua)
Protests continue in Israel against a massive resettlement plan for Bedouin citizens. (Ha'aretz)
ATFP and the ADL each issue separate statements in support of Aboushi. (ATFP/ADL)
Former Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin says Israel is reaching the point of no return regarding a two-state solution. (Jerusalem Post)
Xinhua interviews Fatah Central Committee member Jamal Muheisen about Hamas' policies towards Egypt. (Xinhua)
Xinhua interviews PA economic minister Jawad Najji about the continuing financial crisis. (Xinhua)
Mahmoud Jaraba and Lihi Ben Shitrit say both PM Netanyahu and, especially, Abbas must overcome internal opposition and difficulties to advance peace. (The Daily Star)
Amira Hass looks at why she thinks a "Palestinian Gandhi" will never emerge. (Ha'aretz)
Yoel Marcus says Israel is surrounded by threats but continues to deny the new realities in a changing Middle East. (Ha'aretz)
Ephraim Sneh and Robert K. Lifton say Jewish Americans must be vocal in backing Sec. Kerry's efforts for Middle East peace. (JTA)
Jonathan Wittenberg says all Jews should see Israel's Bedouin issue as a moral test for the country. (Ha'aretz)
+972 interviews Suhad Bishara of Adalah, who says Israel's plan to forcibly mass resettle Bedouins looks like "another Nakba." (+972)
Andrew O'Hehir looks at the new film "Israel: A Home Movie," about the tension between idealism and nationalism in the country. (Salon)
Ha'aretz says it's disgraceful some Israelis condemn human rights NGOs but remain silent about the arrest of a five-year-old Palestinian child. (Ha'aretz)
Hugh Naylor looks at the effects of Israel's blockade on family and social life in Gaza. (The National)
Rina Castelnuovo explains the reconciliation project of groups like Combatants for Peace and the Parents Circle-Families Forum. (New York Times)

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