Settlers attack Palestinians harvesting olives in Hebron. (Ma'an)

Leaders of Fatah and Hamas speak via telephone on the eve of Eid al-Adha. (AFP)

Hamas says Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria should come to Gaza. (Jerusalem Post)

The Times of Israel profiles a Muslim Brotherhood family in Gaza. (Times of Israel)

Younger Palestinians seem to be having fewer children. (Al Monitor)

PM Netanyahu says he "needs a partner" to make peace, and that Iran is the primary obstacle. (Jerusalem Post/Times of Israel)

A former Shin Bet director warns Jewish "price tag" violence could lead to another Israeli political assassination. (YNet)

Bedouin citizens of Israel are continuing to resist forced relocation plans. (Al Monitor)

US officials praise an Iranian proposal after a rare private meeting on the eve of renewed nuclear negotiations. (Washington Post/Los Angeles Times)

Iran is reportedly ready to discuss snap inspections of its nuclear facilities. (Ha'aretz/Jerusalem Post)

Israel and some Arab states may be quietly working together to counter Iran. (YNet)

Russia denies issuing any conclusions regarding the death of the late Pres. Arafat as controversy continues to swirl over the issue. (AFP/Los Angeles Times)

Facebook acquires the mobile Israeli startup Onavo. (Xinhua)

Pres. Peres awards $1 million to US scientists for technology allowing disabled to get up from wheelchairs. (Xinhua)

Texas Gov. Perry is going to London and Israel. (AP)

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are seeking $10.8 billion in US arms sales. (AP)

A new study estimates that 500,000 Iraqis died during the conflict over the past decade. (Los Angeles Times)

A Jordanian band is being criticized by some fans for touring Israel. (Christian Science Monitor)


B'Tselem says disruptions at the Rafah Crossing highlight Israel’s duty to enable Gazans’ travel. (B'Tselem)

Raji Sourani and Shawan Jabarin say it's time for the ICC to act on Palestine. (Al Jazeera)

Ha'aretz says an unauthorized settlement is symptomatic of Israel's "march toward a messianic, anti-Zionist dream." (Ha'aretz)

Uri Avnery says the political left in Israel today is defined largely by attitudes towards the occupation. (Ha'aretz)

Yechiam Weitz says Netanyahu sees himself as Churchill, but all they have in common is a taste for good cigars. (YNet)

Ben Caspit says Netanyahu is playing for political time in Israel with hackneyed positions. (Al Monitor)

Mitch Ginsberg tries to explain how Hamas built a tunnel into Israel and how Israel detected it. (Times of Israel)

Shlomi Eldar says Hamas has little else to do but try to dig tunnels. (Al Monitor)

David Kirshenbaum says Jews have rights at the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount. (Jerusalem Post)

David Newman receives an OBE and explains it's possible to be a liberal Zionist. (Times of Israel)

Avi Issacharoff says US Middle East allies are bewildered by its policies, especially on the eve of talks with Iran. (Times of Israel)

Frederic Wehrey examines strained relations between the US and Gulf states, especially Saudi Arabia. (Carnegie)

Ma'an interviews PLO leader Hanan Ashrawi and Prof. Beshara Doumani. (Ma'an)

Zvi Bar'el says Iran has to choose between pursuing its nuclear program and maintaining regional influence. (Ha'aretz)

Reuters looks at China's growing influence in the Middle East. (Reuters)

Asharq Al-Awsat interviews Gen. Salim Idris, head of the FSA's Supreme Military Council. (Asharq Al-Awsat)

Ali Mamouri laments the "crisis of moral decline in Iraqi society." (Al Monitor)

Talal Alyan says the politics of self-defeat will ultimately be overcome in Arab societies. (Daily Beast/Open Zion)

Karl Sharro parodies armed gangs at a fictional "Annual Conference for Arab Militias." (

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