Israeli settlers in Ariel are worried about the future. Fatah says settlements deepen the occupation. Five Palestinians are injured in Israeli air strikes on Gaza. A Palestinian citizen of Israel is shot dead near a West Bank settlement. Pres. Peres tells Pres. Abbas that PM Netanyahu is a partner in peace. Ha'aretz says Israel must emerge from the stigma of being an “occupation state.” Shulamit Aloni says a threat of real fascism is emerging in Israel. Hamas may introduce conscription in Gaza. Israeli settlers mobilize against the negotiations, and are certain they will fail.

Jewish settlers confident talks will fail
ATFP World Press Roundup Article from The Financial Times
by Tobias Buck - (Analysis) September 9, 2010 - 12:00am

In the coming weeks, Danny Dayan and his neighbours will be at the centre of diplomatic attention as policymakers from Washington to Jerusalem try to breathe life into a new round of Middle East peace talks. He, in turn, will do his utmost to ensure that the latest diplomatic effort is stillborn.

Conscription in Gaza?
ATFP World Press Roundup Article from The Media Line
by Omer Ghraieb - (Analysis) September 7, 2010 - 12:00am

[Gaza] It started first with the introduction of high taxes on cigarettes. It was the de facto government’s hope that this would prevent merchants from selling cigarettes, and that if they do, the cost would be too much for an average citizen to afford. Hamas believed this would eventually lead to the end of cigarette smoking in Gaza. Islam strongly discourages smoking and some even say that Muslims are forbidden from smoking cigarettes, since it is harmful to one’s health.

Stand up to fascist threat
ATFP World Press Roundup Article from Ynetnews
by Shulamit Aloni - (Opinion) September 9, 2010 - 12:00am

As the Jewish New Year begins, people spend time with their families, hope for the best in the coming year, and are said to be engaged in self-reflection. Yet this is rather banal if the latter refers to those heading to synagogues.

Renew our days
ATFP World Press Roundup Article from Haaretz
(Editorial) September 8, 2010 - 12:00am

"Hope is the thing with feathers," wrote the American poet Emily Dickinson. In Israel, the hope for peace is today like a plucked, limp-winged bird that many people, including the foreign minister, believe is not even fit for the pre-Yom Kippur kapparot sacrifice.

Peres to Abbas: Netanyahu is a trustworthy partner
ATFP World Press Roundup Article from Haaretz
by Barak Ravid - (Analysis) September 9, 2010 - 12:00am

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called President Shimon Peres on Thursday evening to offer greetings for the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah. During the telephone conversation, Peres pleaded with Abbas to "trust [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu."

1 dead in West Bank shooting
ATFP World Press Roundup Article from Ma'an News Agency
(Analysis) September 9, 2010 - 12:00am

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Gunmen shot dead one person near the illegal settlement of Ma'ale Adumim in the occupied West Bank late Thursday, Israeli security sources said. One other person was seriously injured in the apparent attack, medics said. Israel Radio reported that the victims were Palestinian citizens of Israel, and no suspected motive was immediately announced.

Overnight airstrikes hit Gaza, 5 said injured
ATFP World Press Roundup Article from Ma'an News Agency
(Analysis) September 10, 2010 - 12:00am

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli airforce planes flew over Gaza on Friday morning, dropping six shells on sites throughout the Strip, reportedly in retaliation for two projectiles launched from the coastal enclave earlier in the day. An Israeli military spokeswoman said a "terror target" and two smuggling tunnels, in the north and southern Strip respectively, were the targets of the attacks.

Fatah: Settlements deepen occupation
ATFP World Press Roundup Article from Ma'an News Agency
(Analysis) September 10, 2010 - 12:00am

RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- "Settlements deepen the occupation, they steal Palestinian lands and water; with settlements there is no peace," a statement from the Fatah Central Committee said Thursday. In an effort to clarify the staunch stance of Palestinain negotiators around the settlement issue, a document was released by the committee following a Ramallah meeting ahead of Eid Al-Fitr, as negotiations will resume on 14 September, a day after the Eid holiday closes.

A West Bank Enclave Is on Edge
ATFP World Press Roundup Article from The New York Times
by Isabel Kershner - (Analysis) September 9, 2010 - 12:00am

ARIEL, West Bank — When a group of Israeli artists recently refused to perform in the new theater at this large Jewish settlement, local residents reacted with a mixture of hurt and defiance. When scores of leftist Israeli academics, prominent writers and intellectuals said that they would not lecture at the Ariel University Center or in any other settlement, many here said that nobody had asked them to come.

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