Daily News Issue Date: 
May 13, 2015


Pres. Obama says Palestinians deserve an end to the occupation. (Ma’an\Ynet\Asharq al Awsat)

Despite Obama’s demand, PM Netanyahu’s coalition guidelines makes no commitment to a Palestinian state. (Ha’aretz)

ICC prosecutor Bensouda says without cooperation, the Gaza war probe will rely on evidence from just one side. (Ha’aretz\Times of Israel\AP)

prominent group of EU diplomats says US policy with regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has failed and a new EU led approach is needed. (Jerusalem Post)

The occupied West Bank’s electricity grid will be connected to Jordan. (Ma’an)

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics says it has recorded a population of 12.1 millionpeople worldwide, the majority of whom live outside of the territories. (AFP\Times of Israel\Ynet)

An Israeli court sentences a Palestinian man for incitement and for supporting a terroristorganization based on his Facebook posts. (New York Times\JTA)

Armed men open fire at the Palestinian president's guards while in their vehicle near Balata refugee camp. (Ma’an)

Israel is stepping up its diplomatic initiatives as fears grow over FIFA suspension. (Ha’aretz)

Obama will meet with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayeh today. (Reuters)

Obama tells an Arab newspaper that he will remain tough on Iran. (New York Times)

Saudi-led air strikes hit the rebel-held Yemeni capital Sanaa hours before a five-day humanitarian truce takes effect. (Reuters\AP\New York Times\Washington Post\The National)

Iran warns the Saudi-led coalition targeting Yemeni rebels that blocking an Iranian aid ship bound for Yemen will "spark a fire." (AP)

ISIS extremists have dug trenches around natural gas and hydrogen tanks at Iraq's largest refinery, raising the stakes in a battle. (Reuters)

Israel says Hezbollah positions put Lebanese at risk. (New York Times)

ICC prosecutor Bensouda says she can investigate alleged crimes by ISIS in Libya. (Reuters)


Adnan Abu Amer says Hamas is seeking a rapprochement with Saudi Arabia to improve its leverage in Palestinian reconciliation talks. (Al-Monitor)

Ahmad Melhem says Hamas and Fatah are focusing on trivial issues instead of taking advantage of former Pres. Carter’s reconciliation efforts. (Al-Monitor)

Joseph Dana says football is the latest theatre of struggle between Israel and Palestinians. (The National)

Ron Kampeas says the mistrust between Netanyahu and Obama is “personal and cynical.” (JTA)

Ben Sales looks at how a women’s party is challenging the status quo in an Arab-Israeli city. (JTA)

Aaron David Miller says Israel watchers have been expecting icy relations between Obama and Bibi to worsen -- but the post-election period may offer an unexpected thaw.  (Foreign Policy)

Eric Yoffie explains what Jewish Americans want from Netanyahu. (Ha’aretz)

The Washington Post says the absence of King Salman at the US-GCC summit is an unmistakable signal of dissatisfaction with the US. (Washington Post)

The National says at the upcoming Camp David summit Gulf leaders will make their views known to Obama. (The National)

Jeremy Shapiro and Richard Sokolsky says the Camp David summit is an opportunity for Washington to send the Gulf a tough message. (Foreign Policy)

Andrew Bowen says Obama underestimates the challenge Iran poses to the security of the region and the GCC. (Al Arabiya)

David Ignatius says Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are now cooperating on Syria. (Washington Post)

David Ignatius says the US must fight ISIS’ “brand appeal.” (Washington Post)

Abdul Rahman Al Rashed says an Iranian nuclear deal will empower hardliners. (Al Arabiya)

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