Daily News Issue Date: 
February 23, 2015


A Palestinian official says Pres. Abbas has reportedly threatened to stop security coordination with Israel if Palestinian tax revenues are still withheld. (AP)

Sec. Kerry expresses concern about the viability of the PA if it does not soon receive tax revenues. (AP)

Israeli officials respond to claims that they are causing the collapse of the PA. (Jerusalem Post)

Abbas says the PA will not allow the outbreak of "chaos" in the Palestinian territory, a day after a senior Fatah official was stabbed by unknown assailants. (Ma’an)

Israel’s mayor in Jerusalem says he and his bodyguard apprehended a Palestinian who stabbed an Israeli. (AP/PNN/JTA/Ha’aretz)

Seven Palestinians are injured in clashes with Israeli occupation forces near Bethlehem. (Ma’an/PNN)

The Shin Bet arrests 11 members of a Hamas cell in Hebron. (JTA/Ha’aretz/Times of Israel)

Israel Electric says it will be limiting supplies to the Palestinians due to debt. (Times of Israel/Jerusalem Post)

Palestinians in Gaza are forced to sell their belongings due to the harsh economic crisis. (Al-Monitor)

Israel denies Gaza government floodwater allegations. (Ma’an)

Brucellosis is on the rise in the West Bank. (Ma’an) 

Israel says it will purchase 14 more F-35 planes. (Ha’aretz/Times of Israel)

The Washington Post profiles Israeli opposition leader Herzog. (Washington Post)

An American official says the White House will not boycott AIPAC’s upcoming convention over PM Netanyahu's Congressional speech. (Ha’aretz)

France’s Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier begins military operations against ISIS in Iraq. (Reuters/The National) 

France seizes the passports of six alleged French jihadists who were planning to depart to fight in Syria. (Reuters/AP)

Turkey says a military operation to rescue 38 soldiers guarding a tomb in Syria surrounded by ISISwas launched to counter a possible attack on them. (Reuters/AP/New York Times)

Pres. Sisi says the need for a joint Arab military force is growing every day. (AP/The National)

Def. Sec. Carter is scheduled to meet with senior American military and diplomatic officials who are leading the fight against ISIS. (New York Times)

An Egyptian court sentences a prominent activist Alaa Abdel Fattah to five years in jail for violating limits on demonstrations. (Reuters)

A panel disqualifies Egyptian tycoon Ahmed Ezz from running for parliament. (New York Times)

The Libyan government says it will end all contracts with companies from Turkey. (Reuters)

Pres. Hadi is reportedly taking steps to resume his duties in Yemen. (New York Times)

Nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 resume in Geneva. (Reuters/AP/New York Times/Washington Post/Times of Israel)


Avi Issacharoff says rage in the occupied West Bank over frozen wages could boil over into violence. (Times of Israel)

Amira Hass looks at what has happened to Hebron 21 years after the Goldstein massacre. (Ha’aretz)

Iris Leal says if Moshe Kahlon can bring in disillusioned voters from the center-right, he has a good chance of ending the Netanyahu era. (Ha’aretz)

Hussein Ibish says Netanyahu’s trip to Washington will not prompt any major backlash, for now. (The National)

Joseph Lieberman says members of Congress must hear out Netanyahu’s speech. (Washington Post)

Dennis Ross asks if the divide between Israel and the US on Iran can be bridged. (Washington Post)

Raphael Ahren asks if a nuclear Iran truly poses an existential threat to Israel. (Times of Israel) 

Uri Savir looks at the “Iranian gap” between Pres. Obama and Netanyahu. (Al-Monitor)

Nick Robins-Early interviews Hussein Ibish about ISIS’ ideology. (Huffington Post)

Hisham Melhem looks at the differences between “violent extremism” and “Islamist extremism.” (Al Arabiya)

Tariq Alhomayed says fighting terrorism will depend on deeds not words. (Asharq al-Awsat)

Jamal Khashoggi says Egypt must not fall in the ISIS trap in Libya. (Al Arabiya)

Mshari al-Zaydi says the alliance between the Gulf and Egypt is not a matter of choice; but is an “unshakable necessity.” (Asharq al-Awsat)

Faisal Al Yafai says those who think a ceasefire in Aleppo with Pres. Assad will save Syrians have forgotten what happened to Homs last year. (The National)

The Jordan Times says it is high time that the perpetrators of war crimes in Syria be brought to justice. (Jordan Times)

Eyad Abu Shakra says Libya collapsed due to autocratic cliques that destroyed most pillars of civil society and by the inept handling by the international community. (Al Arabiya)

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