Daily News Issue Date: 
February 17, 2015


The PA says there is no ISIS presence in Palestine. (Ma’an/Jerusalem Post) 

Palestinian officials call PM Netanyahu’s plan to visit the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron a "time bomb." (Ma’an)

Pres. Rivlin says Palestinian citizens of Israel are an inseparable part of the country. (Times of Israel)

Economy Minister Bennett says Palestinians need to forget about statehood. (AP/Times of Israel)

The World Health Organization says patients in Gaza struggle with access restrictions. (PNN)

Israeli occupation forces break into a Palestinian home in East Jerusalem to question two young boys. (Ma’an)

Israeli occupation forces uproot dozens of olive trees in the West Bank. (Ma’an) 

Palestinian officials ask to be involved in the FBI inquiry into the shootings of three Muslims in Chapel Hill. (JTA)

The head of Israel's election commission says he will limit any pre-election boost Netanyahu may get from speech to the US Congress. (Reuters/JTA)

Amb. Dermer says Netanyahu’s address to Congress on Iran is worth risking ties with the Obama administration. (Ha’aretz)

Egyptian airstrikes kill six gunmen in Sinai. (Ma’an)

Pres. Sisi calls for a UN resolution mandating international intervention in Libya. (Reuters/AP)

Egyptian officials say Egypt and Jordan are united against ISIS brutality. (Jordan Times)

Facing grim economic prospects at home, desperate young Egyptians are seeking jobs in a perilous Libya. (Reuters)

AP looks at ISIS’ reach into North Africa. (AP)

Iraqi Shiite militias are rushing to defend oil-rich Kirkuk from ISIS. (AP

Hezbollah leader Nasrallah acknowledges his group is battling ISIS in Iraq. (Washington Post/The National)

The Syrian army captures several villages north of Aleppo from insurgents. (Reuters)

White House summit this week on countering violent extremism will not focus exclusively on threats from ISIS. (AP)

The US is intensifying its effort to counter ISIS’ message. (New York Times)

Bahrain launches a criminal investigation into the country’s largest opposition group. (Reuters)

Ayatollah Khamenei criticizes the film "American Sniper," saying the movie encourages violence against Muslims. (AP)


Ha’aretz says Israel must connect the new Palestinian city of Rawabi to the national water grid. (Ha’aretz)

Nahum Barnea says there is no way to explain why Israel is preventing Rawabi from receiving water. (Ynet)

Walid Jawad says their Jewish compatriots not knowing much about the Palestinian citizens of Israel is an “unforgiven political travesty.” (Al Arabiya)

Rasha Abu Jalal says the families of accused Palestinian spies in Gaza suffer marginalization and shame. (Al-Monitor)

Alona Ferber looks at six times in the past when the US-Israel relationship supposedly hit “rock bottom.” (Ha’aretz)

Ha’aretz interviews former Amb. Oren. (Ha’aretz)

Graeme Wood looks at what ISIS really wants. (The Atlantic)

The National says Libya needs global help to stop ISIS. (The National)

The Daily Star says the response to the horrific mass murder of Egyptian Copts by ISIS in Libya and the attacks in Denmark must come at an international scale. (Daily Star)

The Jordan Times says the beheadings in Libya are yet another demonstration of the cruelty and barbarism of ISIS. (Jordan Times)

Abdallah Schleifer says as Egypt fires at ISIS in Libya, the US still wants to “talk it out.” (Al Arabiya)

Prince Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa says ISIS ideology must be combated and defeated. (Al Arabiya)

Mustafa Akyol says it’s time to rediscover the John Lockes of Islam. (New York Times)

Tariq Alhomayed says Iran faces an uphill battle in Yemen. (Asharq al-Awsat)

Raymond Tanter looks at Washington’s “third option” against a nuclear Iran. (Foreign Policy)

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