Daily News Issue Date: 
January 30, 2015


Arab states endorse, but the US rejects, a Palestinian draft UN resolution on statehood. (Reuters/AFP)

The US says the draft resolution fails to account for Israel's security requirements. (Ha'aretz/VOA)

The Times of Israel prints a reported version of the draft Palestinian text. (Times of Israel)

PA statisticians say Jews will be a minority in Israel and the occupied territories by 2060. (Times of Israel)

Israeli occupation forces kill a Palestinian teenager in the West Bank. (New York Times)

Israeli occupation forces shoot and injure two Palestinian teenagers driving in Beit Ummar. (Ma'an)

Israeli home demolitions in occupied East Jerusalem leave two Palestinian families homeless. (Ma'an)

Palestinian cabinet ministers hold their latest weekly session in Gaza. (Ma'an)

Hamas says the Palestinian government has "failed Gaza." (AFP)

Israel will allow 150 Palestinian students to leave Gaza via the Erez crossing. (Ma'an)

Muslims in Gaza are increasingly joining local Christians in Christmas celebrations. (Al Monitor)

A new poll shows Israel's center-left coalition running even with the right-wing Likud party. (Ha'aretz)

ISIS releases an interview with the Jordanian pilot it has captured. (AP)

ISIS asks its Twitter followers to suggest gruesome ways of murdering the pilot. (Ha'aretz)

A British journalist being held hostage "writes an article" in the latest issue of Isis' Dabiq magazine. (The Independent)

ISIS "executes up to 200 fighters" for trying to flee. (The Independent)

ISIS executes more doctors in Mosul. (RUDAW)

Air raid shelters in Aleppo have become underground schools. (Al Monitor)

The secular FSA is continuously gaining ground in the southern front in Syria. (Foreign Policy)

Iraqi government forces retake the town of Dhuluiya from ISIS. (BBC)

Journalists imprisoned in Egypt face an uncertain future. (AP)

Qatar is reportedly changing its policies and tilting toward Egypt. (The Media Line)

Libya's official government conducts airstrikes against rivals. (Reuters)

ground invasion of the Libyan capital by forces loyal to Gen. Khalifa Haftar may be imminent. (Foreign Policy)


Munib al-Masri asked if Israel is determined to turn a resolvable political conflict into an irresolvable religious one. (Ha'aretz)

J.J. Goldberg thinks the Palestinian leadership may actually want to lose the UN vote. (The Forward)

The Washington Post says Pres. Abbas is again insisting on failure. (Washington Post)

Sharif Nashashibi says Gaza will almost certainly experience another conflict soon. (The National)

Mira Sucharov asks why some Israelis are allergic to the word "Palestine." (Ha'aretz)

Raphael Magarik says those who oppose BDS, especially Jews, need to propose an alternative to ending occupation or they will lose. (Ha'aretz)

Yoel Guzansky says Israel and the Gulf states are engaging in secret cooperation, but it may not lead to reconciliation. (YNet)

The Wall Street Journal interviews anti-ISIS coalition leader retired Gen. John Allen. (Wall Street Journal)

Zvi Bar'el says Al Jazeera is surrendering to the dictates of Saudi Arabia and Egypt. (Ha'aretz)

Hassan Barari says Jordanians need to be brave in light of the ISIS capture of one of their pilots. (Jordan Times)

Denise Natali says Iraqi Arabs and Kurds are bickering over the liberation of Mosul. (Al Monitor)

Ali Hashem says the Iraqi military is pushing back ISIS in many different areas, inch by inch. (Al Monitor)

The Daily Star scoffs at the idea Russia can be a peacemaker in Syria. (Daily Star)

The Jordan Times says Syria needs an impartial mediator, not Russia. (Jordan Times)

The Gulf News says 2014 was a year to forget in the Arab world. (Gulf News)

Béji Caïd Essebsi lays out his vision for Tunisia. (Washington Post)

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