Daily News Issue Date: 
January 14, 2015


Pres. Abbas will meet with Pres. Sisi in Cairo. (Ma’an)

Tensions between Fatah and Hamas are harming efforts to rebuild Gaza. (Reuters)

Israeli occupation forces detain 32 Palestinians in East Jerusalem and Hebron. (Ma’an)

Jewish “price tag” extremists vandalize vehicles in occupied East Jerusalem. (Ma’an/Jerusalem Post)

Terrorism charges are filed against Jewish extremists in the arson attack on a joint Arab-Jewish school in Jerusalem. (JTA/Ha’aretz)

Former Finance Minister Lapid says Israel should attend Arab League meetings and push for a regional agreement. (JTA)

FM Lieberman says Abbas must be removed from the diplomatic arena. (Ynet)

After the terror attacks in Paris, PM Netanyahu is leading in the Israeli elections. (Reuters)

Hezbollah leader Nasrallah says “Israel cannot even imagine our arms stockpile.” (Ha’aretz)

Charlie Hebdo returns to newsstands across France with a controversial new cover. (New York Times)

An Al-Qaeda group in Yemen claims responsibility for the attack on the Charlie Hebdooffices. (Reuters/AP/New York Times/Washington Post/The National)

France arrests 54 people for “defending terrorism.” (AP/Times of Israel)

An Israeli paper cuts Chancellor Merkel from Paris rally photo for “reasons of modesty.” (AP/New York Times)

FM Zarif says the Charlie Hebdo affair makes dialogue with the West harder. (Reuters)

The UNHCR says abject poverty is driving Jordan's Syrian refugees to drastic actions. (Reuters)

Syria peace hopes dim further as opposition groups reject Moscow talks. (New York Times)

Britain launches its largest trade mission to Egypt. (AP)


Shlomi Eldar asks if the Paris terror attacks will overshadow quest for Palestinian statehood. (Al-Monitor)

Zvi Bar’el looks at Netanyahu’s “evil definition” of citizenship. (Ha’aretz)

Aaron David Miller says Netanyahu’s trip to Paris may be “political genius.” (Foreign Policy)

The New York Times says Jews are asking themselves if they have a future in France. (New York Times) 

Thomas Friedman says there should be a million-person march  in the Arab world against terrorists. (New York Times)

David Ignatius says another “war on terror” is bound to fail. (Washington Post)

Mustafa Akyol looks at Islam’s difficult relationship with blasphemy. (New York Times)

The National says Charlie Hebdo should not have depicted the Prophet Mohammed in its recent edition. (The National)

The Jordan Times says Middle Eastern countries bear the biggest responsibility to defeat sources of extremism. (Jordan Times)

Michael Young says ISIS, the Assad regime and Hezbollah are all pursuing agendas that threaten Lebanon. (The National)

Abdul Rahman Al Rashed says Iraq could become a quagmire for Iran. (Asharq al-Awsat)

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