Daily News Issue Date: 
December 23, 2014


Donor funds pledged for Gaza reconstruction remain largely undelivered. (Reuter/AP)

The PA forms a committee to examine taking over Gaza's crossings. (Times of Israel)

Israel issues demolition orders for five Palestinian homes in occupied East Jerusalem. (Ma'an)

Palestinian shopkeepers in occupied East Jerusalem say Israel is cracking down on them. (Ma'an)

Israel indicts eight Palestinians from occupied East Jerusalem for "incitement" on Facebook. (Ma'an)

A prisoner being held on drug charges dies in Palestinian custody. (Ma'an)

With Israel's approval, Palestinians in Gaza are importing the machinery for a Coca-Cola plant. (YNet)

German journalist says ISIS is "more dangerous than people realize." (CNN/BBC)

Women are abused and excluded from public life by ISIS. (AP)

Iraqi Yazidi girls abducted by ISIS endure horror and incredible abuses. (AP)

A video suggests ISIS executed for members for being even more radical than the main group. (Asharq Al-Awsat)

In Baghdad, Christmas shopping is going on under the shadow of ISIS. (Washington Post)

ISIS extremists are pummeled in Kobane, but are holding on to parts of the city. (Christian Science Monitor)

Over 1000 Muslim extremists in Syria are estimated to have been killed in US-led airstrikes. (Reuters)

The Algerian army says it killed the man responsible for beheading a Frenchman. (AP)

Qatar suspends a TV station critical of the Egyptian government. (New York Times/BBC)

Iraq's cabinet approves next year's budget. (AP)

The UN says hundreds of civilians have been killed in recent months of fighting in Libya. (Reuters)


Roger Cohen says Israel's upcoming election highlights the choice between peace and annexation. (New York Times)

Chibli Mallat calls for a Jewish-Arab coalition against the Israeli-Palestinian impasse. (Daily Star)

Nahum Barnea looks at the "radical rabbis pulling the strings" of housing minister Ariel. (YNet)

Jason Horowitz asks if "liberal Zionists can count on Hillary Clinton." (New York Times)

Neri Zilber says Gaza is an explosion waiting to happen. (Politico)

John Whitbeck looks at the pros and cons of pro-Palestinian rulings by European parliaments. (Ma'an)

Fouad Hamdan and Shiar Youssef look at Iran's role as a "occupying force in Syria." (Middle East Institute)

Linda Heard says Egypt is making baby steps towards prosperity and democracy. (Arab News)

James Traub says the transformation of Alexandria from cosmopolitan hub to Salafist base is emblematic of broader changes in the Arab world. (Foreign Policy)

The CSM says Tunisia's election keeps hope alive for the Arab Spring. (Christian Science Monitor)

The Daily Star says Tunisia's election again sets the bar for the Arab world. (Daily Star)

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