Daily News Issue Date: 
December 19, 2014


Pres. Abbas says he wants more negotiations over a proposed Palestinian UN initiative. (AP)

The US says it is prepared to veto the draft Palestinian resolution. (AP)

PM Netanyahu criticizes Abbas over the UN initiative, and FM Lieberman calls it an act of "aggression." (Xinhua)

Netanyahu says PA policy may lead to Hamas' takeover of the West Bank. (Times of Israel)

Palestinian factions meet in Gaza, as thousands march in support of former Fatah leader Dahlan. (Ma'an)

Hamas may be increasing its military preparations. (Ha'aretz/YNet)

The CSM profiles Palestinian peace activist Aziz Abu Sarah. (Christian Science Monitor)

A new poll suggests most Israelis don't want Netanyahu to continue as PM. (Ha'aretz)

The UN seeks to raise billions of dollars for Syrian refugees. (New York Times/Reuters)

Syrian newborns in Lebanon are at risk for stateless status. (AP)

Syrian government forces besiege rebel groups in Aleppo. (Xinhua)

mass grave, attributed to ISIS extremists, is uncovered in Syria. (Los Angeles Times)

Kurdish forces, backed by US air power, make gains against ISIS extremists. (New York Times)

Two senior ISIS leaders are killed as more US troops head for Iraq. (AP)

The United States delays release of a report on its role in the 1953 Iranian coup. (AP)

Saudi Arabia says its oil decisions are not linked to politics. (AP)

Pakistan says it killed 32 militants in an ambush. (Reuters)

Yemeni women fear newly empowered Houthi forces are restricting freedoms. (Reuters)


Colum Lynch says Palestinians are "rolling the dice" at the UN. (Foreign Policy)

Arab League SG Elaraby says international attitudes to Palestinian statehood are changing. (Asharq Al Awsat)

The National says Palestinians are inching closer to achieving their national goals. (The National)

Jack Khoury says the Palestinian UN initiative is no threat to Israel. (Ha'aretz)

Ha'aretz says Israel should welcome the Palestinian UN initiative. (Ha'aretz)

Diana Buttu says Palestinians should focus on tactics to isolate Israel. (Gulf News)

Nahum Barnea says Israeli politicians talk about Judaism, but ignore Israelis. (YNet)

Michael Karpin says Jerusalem was better off when it was divided. (The Forward)

Paula Astih says Lebanon is bracing for attacks from ISIS and the Al-Nusra Front. (Asharq Al Awsat)

Haroon Mustafa Janjua says Pakistan's blasphemy laws often serve as cover for abuse. (Daily Star)

David Kenner says a new report on Syria by Nir Rosen looks like an attempt to whitewash the regime but may be influential anyway. (Foreign Policy)

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