Daily News Issue Date: 
December 11, 2014


Israeli and Palestinian pathologists disagree over what killed Palestinian official Abu Ein. (AP/New York Times/Washington Post/Ma’an/PNN/Ha’aretz/Times of Israel)

Thousands of Palestinians attend Abu Ein’s funeral. (Reuters/Ma’an/Ha’aretz) 

Pres. Abbas says all options to respond to the killing of Abu Ein are up for debate. (Ma’an)

The PA may be considering freezing security cooperation with Israel. (Times of Israel)

PM Netanyahu assures the PA that Israel will investigate the death of Abu Ein. (JTA)

DM Ya’alon expresses “regret” over the death of Abu Ein. (AFP)

The US, EU and UN call on Israel to conduct a "swift and transparent investigation" into the death of Abu Ein. (Ha’aretz/Times of Israel)

Switzerland will convene state parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention to discuss the Israeli occupation. (Ha’aretz)

France’s Senate approves a resolution asking the government to recognize the State of Palestine. (AP)

Israel criticizes the decision of the Irish parliament to adopt a non-binding resolutionsupporting an independent Palestinian state. (AP/AFP/PNN/JTA)

The Danish Parliament will debate a motion calling for the recognition of the State of Palestine. (Ma’an)

The State Department tells Ya’alon that American opposition to the settlements in occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem will outlast Pres. Obama. (Jerusalem Post)

UN Middle East Peace Envoy Serry arrives in Gaza to meet with Palestinian officials and Hamas leaders. (Ma’an)

The Shin Bet says members of the Lehava group have confessed to the arson attack against the Hebrew-Arabic Jerusalem school. (Jerusalem Post)

poll suggests 63% of Israelis favor peace talks with the Palestinians. (Ha’aretz/Ynet)

Israeli Justice Minister Livni and Opposition Leader Herzog join forces against Netanyahu for the upcoming election. (AP/New York Times/JTA/Ha’aretz)

Israeli Finance Minister Lapid says Israel should approach the Arab League for a regional agreement. (Times of Israel/Jerusalem Post)

New York judge says the Arab Bank must face a civil suit in May over Hamas attacks. (Reuters/Ha’aretz)

Moderate Syrian rebels forge a joint defense pact to help shield them from government forces and ISIS. (Reuters)


The Daily Star says the death of Abu Ein must provoke an international reaction. (Daily Star)

Amos Harel says this is a critical moment for Israeli-Palestinian security coordination. (Ha’aretz)

Akiva Eldar says Economy Minister Bennett is a “divider not a uniter” for Israel. (Al-Monitor)

Ori Nir says during this election season, Jewish Americans have a chance to speak up publicly to support those in Israel who share their values and vision. (Ha’aretz)

Matthew Duss asks if Europe can stop Israel from electing another right-wing government. (Foreign Policy)

The New York Times says any use-of-force authorization must be accompanied by a thorough debate about American policy toward ISIS. (New York Times)

Michael Young says the indifference shown for the plight of Syrian refugees is a “moral deficiency.” (Daily Star)

Alan Philps says the CIA is a central part of the US establishment, even if it seems like it should be on the back foot over the senate report on torture. (The National)

Joyce Karam says the CIA torture report further damages an already “teetering US credibility and moral standing” in the Middle East. (Al Arabiya)

Abdul Rahman Al Rashed asks if Chicago is a more dangerous city for a Saudi student than Riyadh. (Al Arabiya)

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