Daily News Issue Date: 
December 5, 2014
A Palestinian teenager is injured after Israeli ordnance explodes near Rafah. (Ma’an)
A Palestinian is injured after being hit by a settler car in the occupied West Bank. (Ma’an)
The cousin of murdered Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir was among the first to help the wounded in a stabbing attack on a West Bank supermarket. (JTA/Times of Israel/Ynet)
Hamas leader Meshaal says the violence in Jerusalem is a “spontaneous reaction to the loss of hope.” (Ha’aretz/Times of Israel)
The Washington Post looks at the Druze community in Israel. (Washington Post)
An Israeli poll indicates strong support for the country's right wing bloc but also doubts over PM Netanyahu's leadership. (AP/Jerusalem Post)
A Palestinian official says 190 Palestinians from Gaza went to occupied East Jerusalem to pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. (Ma’an)
Jordan will appoint 75 new guards to work at the Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound. (Ma’an)
The Chief of the Syrian Opposition National Coalition al-Bahra says plans to train and equip rebels in Syria will not start until at least late February. (Reuters)
King Abdullah of Jordan says the threat posed by ISIS represents a struggle between "good and evil." (AP)
Pres. Obama will meet with King Abdullah for discussions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the campaign against ISIS. (Times of Israel/The National)
France says its fighter jets are conducting “major” raids in Iraq against ISIS. (The National)
Amnesty International says Gulf countries’ failure to take in Syrian refugees is “shameful.” (Reuters)
German man is sentenced to almost four years in prison for joining ISIS. (Reuters)
Congress approves a $585 billion defense policy bill that grants Pres. Obama the authority to expand the US military campaign against ISIS extremists. (AP) 
Ha’aretz says the world has had enough of the Israeli occupation. (Ha’aretz)
Adnan Abu Amer says Hamas wants to extend the unity government but impose new conditions. (Al-Monitor)
Amira Hass says no matter how far right Israel moves, Pres. Abbas stays the same course. (Ha’aretz)
Marc Schneier says Jews and Muslims must recognize Jerusalem’s importance to the other. (Ynet)
The Washington Post says a safe zone in Syria would be a forward step in the fight against ISIS. (Washington Post)
AP interviews Amb. Stuart Jones. (AP)
Jamal Khashoggi says the Arab world’s battle must be against the tyranny that made the idea of ISIS possible. (Al Arabiya)
Abdallah Schleifer says Muslim-Christian cooperation is fundamental in tackling ISIS. (Al Arabiya)
The Jordan Times says the fight against ISIS in the region is first and foremost an Arab fight. (Jordan Times)
Frederic Wehrey says Saudi Arabia continues to oppress and marginalize its Shiite population. (Foreign Policy)
Eric Edelman, Dennis Ross and Ray Takeyh say it is time to press the Iranians to make the tough choices that they have been unwilling to make. (Washington Post)
Amos Yadlin explains how to avoid a bad deal with Iran. (Foreign Policy)

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