Daily News Issue Date: 
October 27, 2014



Israel is advancing plans to build 1000 new housing units in occupied East Jerusalem. (AP/New York Times/AFP/PNN/JTA/Ha’aretz)


Palestinian officials condemn Israel’s new settlement plans. (Ma’an/PNN/Times of Israel)


Jordanian Amb. to Israel Obeidat says Israel’s continued settlement expansioncould endanger the peace treaty between the two countries.  (Times of Israel/Reuters/Jordan Times)


Pres. Abbas urges the US to intervene before violence in Jerusalem spirals out of control. (Ha’aretz/Times of Israel/Ynet)


Clashes erupt between Palestinians and the Israeli military at the funeral of a teenage boy killed by Israeli troops. (AP/Ha’aretz)


Thousands of Palestinians attend the funeral of a 14-year-old Palestinian-American boy who was shot dead by Israeli forces. (Ma’an/Times of Israel)


Palestinian official says indirect ceasefire talks with Israel have been postponeduntil the second half of November. (Ma’an/Times of Israel/The National)


Israel bans Palestinians from riding the same buses as Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank. (AFP/JTA/Jerusalem Post/The National)


Finance Minister Lapid says there is a crisis in the US-Israel relationship that must be fixed. (AP/Ynet)


Pres. Rivlin visits the site of a 1956 massacre as part of his outreach campaign to the country’s Arab minority. (AP/AFP/Ynet)


Spain’s Socialist party will propose a motion in Parliament to recognize the State of Palestine. (JTA)


Gen. Allen urges coalition partners to combat ISIS ideology. (AP)


Extremists from ISIS launch a new attack on the Syrian border town of Kobani. (AP)


The Nusra Front attack Syrian government forces in Idlib. (Reuters)


An American official says the US believes the Syrian rebels it is training will be part of a “political solution” to the conflict with the regime. (Reuters)


Iraqi troops retake control of Jurf al-Sakhar a Sunni town seized by ISIS. (AP/The National)

suicide car bomber kills 11 people south of Baghdad. (AP)


ISIS’ beheading victims endured torture and other horrors during captivity. (New York Times)


Iraqi Christians seek refuge in Jordan. (New York Times)


Pres. Sisi orders the military to join the police forces in guarding state facilities against terror attacks. (AP/Washington Post) 


Sunni militants clash with the Lebanese army in Tripoli. (Washington Post/The National)


Initial results suggest a major victory for the leading Tunisian secular party, Nidaa Tounes, over Ennahda in new parliamentary elections. (Reuters) 




Hussein Ibish says Israel’s policies aren’t doing anything to forestall prospects for another intifada. (The National)


Shlomi Eldar says neglect and provocation are feeding unrest in occupied East Jerusalem. (Al-Monitor)


Rula Jebreal says Palestinian citizens of Israel face a daily battle against official discrimination and casual hatred. (New York Times)


The National asks why the PA was the silent about Israel’s decision to segregate buses in the occupied West Bank. (The National)


Ha’aretz says DM Ya’alon is kowtowing to the settlers at the expense of Israel’s international image. (Ha’aretz)


Chemi Shalev says the US is frustrated with Israel. (Ha’aretz)


J.J. Goldberg says Israel’s announcement of new settlements in occupied East Jerusalem is straining its relationship with the US. (Jewish Daily Forward)


Jonathan Cook says Israel is turning Gaza into a “super-max prison.” (The National)


Gideon Levy says Palestinians have a right and duty to resist Israeli occupation. (Ha’aretz)


Hilik Bar says Israel should recognize the State of Palestine. (Ha’aretz)


Ynet interviews Justice Minister and Israel’s Negotiator Livni. (Ynet)


Eitan Haber says, 20 years on, Israel-Jordan peace is still holding on. (Ynet)


Elhanan Miller says two decades after making peace with Israel, Jordan finds little to celebrate. (Times of Israel)


Mohammed Othman says artists in Gaza are expressing pain and suffering. (Al-Monitor)


Abdul Rahman Al Rashed looks at the idea of Arab military intervention in conflicts. (Asharq al-Awsat)


David Ignatius explains why Iraqi Sunnis are still surrendering to ISIS. (Daily Star)


Kate Brannen says ISIS is raising an army of child soldiers and the West could be fighting them for generations to come. (Foreign Policy)


Amir al-Islam says education represents the best way to defeat the evils of ISIS. (The National)


Raghida Dergham looks at Russia’s and China’s policies towards the Middle East. (Al Arabiya)


The Daily Star says the Lebanese army must find a new approach to Tripoli. (Daily Star)

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