Daily News Issue Date: 
July 30, 2014


Israel kills at least 19 more Palestinians sheltering at another UN-run school in Gaza. (Reuters/New York Times/Washington Post/AFP/JTA/The National)

Gaza’s Ministry of Interior calls on UNRWA to condemn the latest deadly shelling of a UN school. (Ma’an)

UNRWA Commissioner General Krahenbuhl condemns Israel’s strike on a Gaza school. (AFP)

UNRWA says it has found more rockets at one of it’s schools. (Reuters/JTA/Jerusalem Post)

Rockets from Gaza are fired at various areas of Israel. (Jerusalem Post)

Israel announces a four-hour humanitarian ceasefire. (Ma’an/PNN/Ha’aretz/Ynet/Times of Israel)

The Palestinian death toll in Gaza reaches 1,296. (Ma’an)

Israel intensifies its assault on Gaza. (Reuters/The National)

The number of displaced people in Gaza is increasing daily, and is now close to 400,000. (Ha’aretz)

Israel and Hamas are quarreling over the casualty list in Gaza. (The Media Line)

Hamas reportedly executes 20 Palestinians in Gaza for collaborating with Israel. (Jerusalem Post)

Pres. Sisi reportedly told Pres. Abbas to come to Cairo with a unified Palestinian position on the ceasefire. (Ynet)

Israel’s Foreign Ministry is considering drafting a UNSC resolution for an end to the war. (Ha’aretz)

Hamas calls on Hezbollah to join the fight against Israel. (Times of Israel)

The loss of shelter and electricity worsens a crisis for Palestinians fleeing Gaza. (New York Times/The Media Line)

US and Israeli officials deny account of a tense conversation between Pres. Obama and PM Netanyahu.(JTA/Times of Israel)

Israel’s Amb. to the US Dermer says criticism of Sec. Kerry is not coming from Netanyahu. (AP)

Former Pres. Peres calls on the Israeli government to seek a diplomatic solution to the Gaza crisis. (JTA/Ynet)

A poll indicates majority of Jewish Israelis back the Gaza war despite rising deaths on both sides. (Washington Post/JTA)

Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank are increasingly worried about what’s happening in Gaza. (Washington Post)

Bombs in Aleppo kill 13 pro-Assad forces. (Reuters)

Human Rights Watch says the Syrian government is still indiscriminately bombing civilians with explosives-filled barrels. (AP)

PM Maliki offers aid to those displaced by IS. (AP)


Prince Turki Al-Faisal says Israel's actions in Gaza trample hopes of an Arab Peace Initiative. (Al-Monitor)

Rep. Keith Ellison says the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must be resolved with a final status agreement, and ending the violence and the blockade is a first step. (Washington Post)

Asmaa al-Ghoul gives a firsthand account of the human suffering in Gaza. (Al-Monitor)

Sholto Byrnes says Israel does not want peace with the Palestinians. (The National)

David Horovitz explains why Netanyahu is disinclined to order a full-scale ground offensive.  (Times of Israel)

Aaron David Miller says Hamas has so far weathered the Israeli barrage. (Foreign Policy)

Elhanan Miller says by working closely with Qatar on the Gaza conflict, the US has sent Israel the wrong message. (Times of Israel)

Jacques de Maio urges an end to the killing in Gaza. (Ha’aretz)

Nahum Barnea says now Israel sees Abbas as the “savior.” (Ynet)

Peter Beinart debunks myths and facts about Gaza. (Ha’aretz)

Carmelia Entekhabi-Fard says Palestinians need more negotiators not arms. (Asharq al-Awsat)

Prince El Hassan Bin Talal says religious leaders are uniting in a joint appeal against acts of violence in Mosul and across the region. (Al-Monitor)

Ali Ibrahim says crises in the Arab world have been proliferating and competing with one another since 2011. (Asharq al-Awsat)

Zana Gulmohamad says IS’s most effective wars are waged online. (The National)

Eyad Abu Shakra says IS violations are an Islamic responsibility. (Al Arabiya)

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