Daily News Issue Date: 
December 2, 2013


Palestinians are appealing for international help as peace talks appear at an impasse. (Xinhua)

Palestinian negotiators suggest the US and Russia hold "Geneva talks" on the Israeli-Palestinian question. (Ha'aretz)

Pres. Peres reportedly recently addressed 29 Arab foreign ministers. (YNet)

With four Israelis and 24 Palestinians killed recently, a surge in West Bank violence is being called "individual." (Washington Post)

A Palestinian citizen of Israel pleads guilty to planting a bomb on a bus last year. (Reuters)

The Foreign Press Association accuses Israeli occupation forces of "deliberately targeting"journalists. (AFP)

Bedouin citizens of Israel protest forced mass relocation plans. (New York Times/AP/Los Angeles Times)

The Israeli government claims 80% of Bedouins have agreed to the plan. (Ha'aretz)

Palestinian citizens of Israel react with anger to proposals to "Judaize" the Galilee. (Ha'aretz)

Israeli police say one of their volunteers killed a Palestinian inside Israel during a raid. (AP/Xinhua)

An exhibit of photographs in Jerusalem tells the long story of Palestinian history. (New York Times/BBC/AFP)

Hamas cancels its annual anniversary celebration in Gaza due to deepening economic woes. (AP/The Guardian)

Egypt is continuing to revoke the citizenship of Hamas leaders. (Jerusalem Post)

Israel's new Labor Party leader Herzog meets with Pres. Abbas. (AP/Xinhua/Jerusalem Post)

Christmas season in Bethlehem gets an early start this year. (AP)

PA police arrest 20 Salafists affiliated with Al Qaeda in the occupied West Bank. (AFP)

Israeli occupation forces arrest 15 Palestinians in the West Bank. (Ma'an)

The Palestinian Teachers' Union says it will strike in the West Bank on Monday. (Ma'an)

Newly reinstated Israeli FM Lieberman seems to have toned down his political style somewhat. (New York Times)

PM Netanyahu is once again under fire for extravagant expenses. (AP)

Former PM Olmert says Netanyahu has severely damaged relations with the US, including byinterfering in American elections. (AP/Ha'aretz)

The Palestinian ambassador to Nigeria calls for economic sanctions against Israel. (Xinhua)

Israel is reportedly trying to identify Iranian violations of its recent nuclear agreement. (Xinhua)

659 people were killed in Iraq in November. (Xinhua)

Iraqi cafĂ© owners begin to get seminars on how to stop suicide bombers. (AFP)

Blasts kill at Least 12 mourners at the funeral of an Iraq Sunni leader. (New York Times)

18 Sunnis kidnapped in Iraq are found shot. (AP)

Nine are killed in sectarian clashes in northern Lebanon. (AP)

Egypt's draft new constitution enshrines greater rights but promises little change from traditional government. (AP/New York Times)

As it pushes for a tougher foreign policy, Saudi Arabia seems to have few options. (Reuters)


Former PM Fayyad discusses justice, Palestinian rights and the legacy of Nelson Mandela. (New York Times)

Hussein Ibish says core of the Palestinian struggle is one for basic human equality. (The National)

Akiva Eldar says negotiators must begin to treat Israeli settlements as obstacles to peace. (Al Monitor)

Samih Shabib says Palestinians shouldn't withdraw from negotiations, but Khalil Shaheen says they should. (Asharq Al Awsat)

Alon Tal and Yousef Abu-Mayla say there is no reason or excuse for Gaza to be turned into a sewer. (New York Times)

The Economist looks at the plight of Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria. (The Economist)

Yossi Shain says the weakened US position in the Middle East means Israel must push harder for peace. (YNet)

Oudeh Basharat says the mass relocation of Israel's Bedouins is typical of the present government's racism. (Ha'aretz)

Sami Michael says the silencing of protests against the planned mass relocation of Israeli Bedouins is unconscionable. (YNet)

Joel Golovensky says the Bedouins are Israeli citizens with a particular culture and bitter experience. (Jerusalem Post)

The Jerusalem Post says Israel must impose "law and order" on the Bedouins. (Jerusalem Post)

Ha'aretz says the plan for "Judaization" of the Galilee means racism. (Ha'aretz)

Ma'an interviews Cecilia Baeza on the history of Palestinian immigration to Latin America. (Ma'an)

Norman Solomon and Abba A. Solomon say Israel is trying to wreck the nuclear agreement with Iran. (The Daily Star)

John Hannah says the Iran nuclear agreement is likely to start an arms race in the Middle East. (Foreign Policy)

Hassan Barari says there hasn't really been an actual nuclear deal with Iran yet. (Arab News)

Shlomi Eldar says Israel's Foreign Ministry is continuing to lose relevance. (Al Monitor)

Bruce Riedel says an Israeli-Saudi axis against Iran is unlikely. (Al Monitor)

Fred Hiatt says Syria could prove to be Pres. Obama's "Rwanda." (Washington Post)

Rami Khouri says Egypt is the harbinger for the future of much of the Arab world. (The Daily Star)

The National says the draft Egyptian Constitution is getting a surprisingly warm welcome from the public. (The National)

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