Daily News Issue Date: 
November 27, 2013


The UN warns the ongoing fuel crisis in Gaza could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe. (Xinhua)

Palestinians fear Israeli military exercises in the Jordan Valley will mean permanent evacuation from their homes. (Christian Science Monitor)

Jews and Arabs were told to use separate lanes at West Bank checkpoints, but this will no longer apply to Israeli citizens. (Ha'aretz)

Israel says it has resolved its dispute with the EU over new occupation guidelines. (AP/AFP/Ha'aretz)

Palestinian human rights groups call on the EU to take a stronger stance on settler violence. (Ma'an)

Israeli occupation forces kill four suspected Salafist militants in the West Bank. (New York Times/Xinhua/Jerusalem Post)

Salafist extremists are reportedly a growing presence in the occupied West Bank. (Ha'aretz)

Palestinians accuse Israel of torturing women prisoners. (PNN)

Palestinians condemn Israel's latest settlement expansion announcement. (Xinhua)

Palestinians say they are preparing efforts to join more UN agencies. (Ma'an)

Palestinians participate for the first time in Global Entrepreneurship Week. (The Media Line)

Israel's intelligence services reportedly think the country's strategic position in the region has improved. (YNet)

The annual meeting of the American Studies Association reflects broad support for a boycott of Israel. (JTA)

The Israeli military simulates a major ground offensive in Gaza to stop rocket fire. (Jerusalem Post)

Egypt claims it has uncovered a major Israeli spy ring. (Times of Israel)

Iran says Israel has isolated itself by its negative reaction to the recent interim nuclear deal. (AP)

Iran may have found a loophole in the agreement to continue construction at its heavy water plutonium plant near Arak. (Reuters)

Egyptian riot police clash with unarmed protesters in Cairo. (New York Times/Washington Post)

24 Egyptians are arrested for protesting. (AP)

Suicide bombers kill 18 Iraqi security personnel. (New York Times)

At least 20 people are killed in a series of attacks across Iraq. (Reuters)

suicide bombing in Damascus kills 15 people. (Xinhua)

Turkey says 500 Turks are involved in fighting Syria. (Xinhua)

A new report says women are being raped, used as shields and kidnapped by both sides in Syria. (The National)

The Libyan army again clashes with Islamist militias in Benghazi. (Reuters)


Ha'aretz says the EU has taught Israel there is a price for "deception and apartheid." (Ha'aretz)

Jonathan Cook says PM Netanyahu's purported overtures to Pres. Abbas are designed to extract concessions. (The National)

Hussein Ibish says the nuclear deal with Iran was predictable, but the questions it raises are not. (NOW)

Rami Khouri says the Iran agreement could completely reshape the Middle East. (The Daily Star)

Osama Al Sharif agrees the deal could portend a "geopolitical shift" in the region. (Jordan Times)

The Daily Star says under the Obama administration the US is shirking its responsibilities in the Middle East. (The Daily Star)

Abdulateef Al-Mulhim says reports of a budding Israeli-Saudi alliance against Iran are "the joke of the century." (Arab News)

Asmaa al-Ghoul says Hamas is divided on its reaction to the Iran agreement. (Al Monitor)

Ben Caspit says the Israeli military doesn't share Netanyahu's alarm over the Iran agreement. (Al Monitor)

Alon Pinkas says Israel should regard the Iran agreement as a victory. (YNet)

Amos Harel says Israel finds itself with no good options. (Foreign Policy)

Zvi Bar'el says the US and Iran are changing, but not Netanyahu. (Ha'aretz)

Tod Robberson says Israel should see the connection between the Iran issue and resolving the conflict with the Palestinians. (Dallas Morning News)

Nathan Guttman says Jewish-American groups are shying away from an all out fight over the Iran agreement. (The Forward)

Eugene Robinson says comparisons between the Iran nuclear deal and Munich are "lazy." (Washington Post)

Jacob Plitman and Rachel Cohen urge Jewish-American student groups to engage in more two-state activism. (Daily Beast/Open Zion)

The New York Times interviews Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef. (New York Times)

Waleed Abulkhair says there is little justice in Saudi Arabia's legal system. (Washington Post)

Anas El Gomati says demagoguery by Libyan politicians is deepening the crisis in the country. (The National)

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